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Alex Cora’s Future with Red Sox Remains Uncertain

The Boston Red Sox face a lot of changes in 2024. Will Alex Cora be a part of the future plans of the Red Sox as the manager?

Alex Cora’s Future with the Red Sox

New President of Baseball Operations

The team’s new president of baseball operations will have the final decision if Alex Cora returns as manager. This means Cora’s future with the team could largely depend on who fills that vacant position. Cora has been the manager for the 2018 World Series team and the 2021 team that reached the ALCS. The last two years have been a struggle, as they have failed to make the postseason. With the firing of Chaim Bloom, the future of Cora faces a little uncertainty. Cora’s contract runs through the 2024 season and he would like to remain as the manager of the Red Sox. There has been some speculation that he wants to move into a front-office role, but that doesn’t seem to be his priority at the current moment.

Cora’s Strengths

Cora has certain strengths as manager of the Red Sox that would be difficult to replace. The relationships he has with his players appear strong and it would be tough for someone else to create that with this core group. This seems to be something he learned from his former manager Terry Francona, who was a great player’s manager.

The other strength Cora has is his ability to hold players accountable. Just this season, he benched Alex Verdugo for not showing up on time to pregame activities. This may seem like a small thing, but other organizations like the Chicago White Sox have stood out as lacking accountability this season. Cora also tends to show an open-minded approach when it comes to some new-age ideas. He is willing to adapt to the times and also be an active part of player development for the Red Sox.

A Vision for the Future

Alex Cora seems to have a vision for the future of the Red Sox and knows they aren’t far off from being very good. The core group of hitters they have along with some exciting younger players means the Red Sox should continue scoring a lot of runs. Cora knows the weakness of the team right now is pitching, especially starting pitching. The starters need to be able to provide more innings next year, which will keep the bullpen fresh for the whole season. His job as a manager will be a lot easier with more starting pitching depth. This will allow him to not overuse his relief corps too early in the season.


Alex Cora should absolutely be a part of the Red Sox’s future plans, remaining on as manager. He seems personally passionate about the future of the team and wants to see winning baseball in Boston. His presence should help the Red Sox sign some top-of-the-line free agents. People forget the 2018 team managed by Cora was the best Red Sox team ever, and they hope to recreate that success in the upcoming years. Having a familiar face in the dugout will help the new front office with its transition to Boston.


Photo Credit: Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports


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