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2023 Draft Targets for the Angels With the 11th Pick

Draft Targets For the Angels

Draft targets for any team can be challenging. This year the Los Angeles Angels have the 11th pick. The Angels could go a few different ways. Based on how Perry Minasian has drafted in years prior, here are a few possible draftees.

Matt Shaw, Shortstop – Maryland

Perry Minasian generally likes college-level players who can hit. Matt Shaw did something of note in the wooden bat Cape Cod League. He hit .360 with 10 doubles, five home runs, and 19 RBI in 36 games to earn the league’s MVP award.

On the flip side, he has a weak arm for a shortstop, which might not matter in the long run. If Zach Neto is the Angels long-term answer at short, Shaw could slide over to second base where he could hide his weak arm. Having two highly athletic players on either side of second base is a plus, especially now in this post-shift ban era.

Shaw ultimately has a lot of raw potential. And if he can get the experience he needs, the sky is the limit. His natural athletic ability is his biggest plus by far. Also, his hitting is already showing in the wooden bat leagues. Perry enjoys college players that fit this build: low floor with a high ceiling. This, combined with the slim lack of depth at the second base, makes Shaw a great fit at 11. 

Brayden Taylor, Third Base – TCU

Similarly to Shaw, Brayden Taylor fills a position that might quickly become a black hole for the Angels. The 6’1, 170lb third baseman is an exciting choice at 11. What makes him a unique talent is his speed. He has stolen 25 bases in 26 attempts. This would bring more value to a position that is usually power first.

The only reason the Angels might look at a third baseman is because of Anthony Rendon’s underwhelming performance in his first three years in Los Angeles. Rendon’s time with the Angels has been injury-plagued and a big disappointment considering the enormity of the contract. The plus side of drafting a third baseman, apart from the added depth, is that a replacement is waiting in the wings. Taylor has been solid in 58 games this season with a slash line of .305/.600/.430, alongside 21 home runs and 59 RBI. A few years of development could turn him into a stellar third base at the major league level.

Taylor projects as a reasonably good third-baseman. The raw power numbers will improve as he develops. Even though his average has been on the decline every season, at the end of the day, hitting above .300 is still incredibly good. The value of a lot of college prospects is a relatively safe pick. With constant injuries and a want to win as soon as possible, the logical selection makes an impact sooner than later. Like Neto last year, a player with good hitting can speed through the minor leagues with Perry at the helm.

Chase Dollander, Right-Handed Pitcher – Tennessee

Although this may be less true, the Angels still need pitching. Not as much as in years prior, but they could use a few quality arms down on the farm. Chase Dollander can fit into a rotation as a possible 1 or 2 guy.  His fastball is his best pitch. It’s consistently in the mid-90s and tops out at 100 mph.  Dollander attacks hitters up in the zone with his fastball due to its vertical ride and uses it to steal a strike low in the zone as well. He uses a slider that sits around 85-89 mph as his outpitch. Mixed in with his 88-90 mph change-up. Dollander’s big, versatile arm is something the Angels could use in their rotation.

He has reasonable control of his pitches, allowing only 13 walks in 79 innings pitched, which equals 1.5 walks per 9 innings.  Being able to throw 100 mph with great command is a dangerous combo. One that will only get better as time goes on for the young pitcher. If the Angels land him at 11, he might be the next pitcher on a growing list of guys that move up fast. He needs to be stretched out to handle the more extended season that Major League Baseball has.

As with prospects, there is an unknown that comes with it. You can do all the scouting in the world and think you got the guy, and it all falls apart.  Whereas in baseball, there is a grace period since players can work on their issues and refine their skills. Baseball has a lot of picks that go into the draft every season, hopefully, the Angels get a star in the making. 

Photo Credit: Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen/USA TODAY NETWORK

Players Mentioned:

Matt Shaw, Zach Neto, Brayden Taylor, Anthony Rendon, Chase Dollander 


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