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Charlee Soto 2023 MLB Draft Profile

Charlee Soto is one of the hardest-throwing high school pitchers in the country. After appearances at events like the PDP League MLB’s High School All-American Game, he drew plenty of attention for the right reasons. While committed to the University of Central Florida, he will forego that opportunity as he’s a projected first-round prospect in July’s 2023 MLB draft. He plays for Reborn Christian Academy in Kissimmee, Florida. 

Soto entered his junior season as a two-way player. Although, his body held up as it became clear pitching was his baseball future. With that work and physical growth, Soto focused more on becoming a pitcher. The full-time transition to pitching has certainly been worth. His velocity has jumped as he feels confident he can throw any pitch. Everything he’s done over the past year has left him in a position as a late first-round draft pick. 

Charlee Soto Draft Profile

Scouting grades: Fastball: 60 | Slider: 55 | Changeup: 50 | Control: 50 | Overall: 50


Major league scouts have been keeping strong eyes on his improving talent. Soto has the prototypical MLB power-pitcher build at 6′-5″ and weighing 210 pounds. He checks off all the boxes, which is fascinating for someone his age. The 17-year-old throws a fastball that consistently reaches 98 mph, both heavy and carrying through the zone. Soto is confident in using his slider, which comes with a nasty break. But his change up is what often provides a swing-and-miss mentality from hitters. Both of those pitches are projected to be better than average at the major level. With his three-pitch mix being thrown for strikes, he can potentially be a front-end starter.


There aren’t many flaws to Soto’s game, but his age is a factor. All too often, players directly out of high school become overwhelmed by life in the minor leagues. It will be good for him to develop his maturity at his age. Plus, the responsibility for life as a minor league player at such a young age. Whoever selects the young flamethrower will have to be sure of one thing. If Soto can equivocate his on-field talent to a level of maturity off the field, then it will be a non-issue.

When Soto starts his professional career, it will be challenging. Considering he will eventually face batters more equipped to the major league level, Soto could add another pitch to his arsenal. His velocity will help him, but he will have to be more methodical once he works through the minor league ranks.

MLB Comparison

 Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Taijuan Walker offers a comparable comparison to Soto. Walker was the same age as Soto when the Seattle Mariners drafted him in 2010. Both players show similar height, despite Walker being an inch shorter at 6-foot-4. However, both players are around the same weight. Walker is a well-travelled starting pitcher who has seen highs, making an All-Star Appearance in 2021. What the future holds for Charlee Soto remains to be seen, but his potential could one day make him a better pitcher than Walker.

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