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The Giants Season Has Been A Seesaw

The San Francisco Giants are on a seesaw, and this has been the case ever since the season started. They did an excellent job of ending their five-game losing streak a couple of weeks ago. And yet they never manage to catch up as far as their record goes. Just when they seem about to, they drop the next game. Losing gets streaky, at least for a little while.

The Giants Are on a Seesaw

Last Week Was a Refresher

The Giants could hardly have been expected to come back and take the series against the Houston Astros. But they stuck in there and rallied. Ultimately, they pulled it off. Then, they took the next series against the Milwaukee Brewers. It is definitely a shame that they couldn’t complete a sweep. Ross Stripling‘s struggles on the mound continued, and the offense couldn’t back him up.

Still, their two series wins gained ground for them. By picking up their game a bit, the Giants saved themselves from falling dreadfully behind and making realistic postseason hopes look slim.

They Still Possess a Losing Record

All of this being the case, the Giants still have a losing record. Every time the Giants look close to breaking out of that condition, they come up short. The gap gets narrower, and then wider again.

On Monday night, the Giants lost to the Washington Nationals, 5-1. Anthony DeSclafani‘s bad first inning was what threw the game away. Though he settled in and ultimately got through seven innings, the damage had already been done. Whereas two days before, their record had been 15-17, it stood at 15-19 after Monday’s game.

It’s a Game of Survival Right Now

Still, the Giants seem able to survive. If they continue to be on a seesaw, nothing definite will be able to be said about their postseason chances for a while. A mid or late-season hot streak will remain in the realm of possibility. Though they don’t have a recent history of possessing the ability to break into the postseason when it’s close, who knows if they will turn it around this year?

But the bridge will have to be crossed at some point if the Giants want to play October baseball. The gap will have to be closed. A greater level of consistency must be achieved. So let’s hope that the team gets hot again and that they get some help at the Trade Deadline.

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