Miami Marlins Buyers or Sellers

Marlins Buyers Sellers

Miami Marlins buyers or sellers? At this point even they don’t know—and most Marlins fans don’t know either. They’d better decide quickly. The trade deadline is Tuesday, August 2. That is the last day teams have a chance to trade for veteran “rental” players for a playoff push or to offload veterans and obtain prospects to build for the future.

Disappointing Season

The Marlins made some moves and signed two key free agents to big contracts before the 2022 season began. These moves were supposed to help them contend for a .500 record and an outside shot at a playoff spot.

They also upgraded their catcher position when they acquired Jacob Stallings from the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was to help improve a young pitching staff due to his leadership. Although he has defended and called games well, Stallings is having the worst season of his career.

Outfielders Avisail Garcia and Jorge Soler were signed with high hopes both would provide the offense this team was in desperate need of. However, neither player has been on track all season. Both are near their career lows in batting average and on-base percentage. They also have had nagging injuries, which have plagued them off and on all season.

Overall, this team ranks in the bottom ten in batting average and striking out. Their situational hitting with runners in scoring position is also in the bottom ten. Unless they start a late-season rally soon, this season will be the 12th time in the last 13 years where they will finish with a losing record. The lone exception, the 13th year…the pandemic-shortened season of 2020.

Still in Contention

Miami Marlins buyers or sellers? It’s an interesting question. With expanded playoffs for 2022 — three wild-card teams — the Marlins aren’t exactly out of the race. They started Sunday seven games out of the third NL wild-card spot. However, they must decide quickly whether they think they’re in the race with a good chance. If the answer is “yes,” they need to make some trades to improve and give themselves a better chance. If the answer is “not this season,” they need to decide whether to try to unload some veteran players’ salaries with a nod toward building for the future or keep the status quo.


Certainly, the team’s position in the trade deadline market remains unclear, but after Sunday’s game the Marlins will have 60 games left. This includes 29 games at home and 31 on the road. They have a difficult schedule, playing 40 games against teams with a .500 or better record. Those teams are in contention for a divisional or wild card playoff spot as well — and right now, have a better chance of making it.

Must get Healthy

Miami Marlins buyers or sellers is a unique situation. Whatever they choose to do at trade deadline, they must get healthy. Beginning with Sunday’s game 18 players are on the injured list, currently the most of any team. In fact, five players with over 200 at-bats are currently on the IL. All those missing players add to the challenge of either being buyers or sellers — or maybe staying with what they have and hoping for the best.

Come Tuesday

Miami Marlins buyers or sellers? Come Tuesday we’ll know the answer. Will they add some offensive help and some bullpen arms to help them contend? Will they unload some veterans and decide to play out the rest of this year and see what happens?

Whatever they decide things will be interesting for manager Don Mattingly and General Manger Kim Ng. If they can get their players healthy and playing like they’re supposed to, the Marlins may not need to make any changes. They could push for a playoff spot with the talent they have. They could even play spoiler. Whatever they decide, buy or sell, the end of the Marlins’ season looks to be one to watch.

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