Druw Jones 2022 MLB Draft Profile

Druw Jones
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Druw Jones is the top prospect of the 2022 MLB Draft class. The son of Andruw Jones, a borderline Hall of Famer and 10-time Gold Glover, resembles his father’s game. Druw is already a plus defender and a five-star tool potential as a center fielder. The Vanderbilt commit is projected to be a top-five pick in the upcoming draft. Jones is the best defensive center fielder in the 2022 high school crop and might be the defender in his draft class. Jones has legitimate All-Star potential as he’s worthy enough to be the first overall pick.

Scouting Grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 60 | Run: 70 | Arm: 65 | Field: 70 | Overall: 65


At the plate, Jones’ right-handed swing is still a work in progress. However, his 60/80 power grade is all thanks to the strength in his wrists and forearms. He projects for plus raw power that converts to an average of 25 home runs or more annually. Jones continues to make excellent contact against quality pitching for years. His plus bat control also has a good sense of the strike zone. He is capable of waiting on the ball and making adjustments in a second. Defensively, Jones is a center fielder, much like his father. The 18-year-old has plus speed that gives him great range on the field. Once the ball hits his glove, his accurate and strong arm is enough to get runners out at the base. Furthermore, it should be noted he had experience in the infield as a shortstop in high school. Jones comes with versatility with great hitting and fielding skills.


Despite being a strong hitter, there are holes in Jones’ presence at the plate. While the power in his bat is there, he tends not to expand the zone himself when he falls behind in the count. His swing can get long as he can try a bit too hard to get his power on the pitchers. In those situations where Jones does that, he should just put the ball into the play. Nevertheless, his lack of discipline will develop and improve over time. Jones will need to improve his swing to unlock his true potential. Jone’s throws are another weakness, as some throws from the outfield will be short of the intended infielder. Hitting the fielder in the glove could improve Jones’ ability on defence to another level.

MLB Player Comparison

It’s easy to compare Jones to his dad, but he’s got more potential than most think. Some scouts believe Jones should be comparable to Bryce Harper, a highly touted first overall pick in 2010. However, it’s hard not to think about Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts compared to Jones. Both players come with physicality, intensity and skillsets to be everyday outfielders. Betts came up as an infielder while Jones shifted from the infield and should become a full-time center fielder. While there are similarities between Jones and Betts, Jones is a one-of-a-kind prospect with a fascinating set of skills any team would be happy to have.

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