Elijah Green 2022 Draft Profile

Elijah Green

Elijah Green and his draft profile will ensure that he will be sought after in the 2022 MLB draft. Green, from IMG Academy in Florida, is a multi-tool and highly talented outfielder. The 18-year-old is 6″3′ and 225 pounds. His tall athletic build is a promising factor to foster everything he does well to become a successful player. Green bats right, and throws right. He is coming off an unbelievable senior season, hitting .462 with a 1.592 OPS, along with nine home runs, and 40 runs scored in only 25 games. Although he committed to the University of Miami first, Green wants to be a major league baseball player. Green will hopefully see everything he has worked towards realized when he is drafted at the 2022 MLB Draft.


Green’s biggest strength is that he excels in multiple areas, making him a force in the draft. Namely, his power at the plate, as well as speed. Green makes explosive contact with the bat. His stature provides the power to drive the ball deep. Elijah Green’s draft profile experienced a massive upgrade when he performed very well at the 2021 National Showcase. His power was put on display when he scored in the 99th percentile with a 100 mph exit velocity. He was in the 99th percentile as well in the 60-yard dash and 10-yard split, with results of 6.16 and 1.44 seconds respectively. He was the fastest in his class in strength with running and with the bat.

Another strength in his toolbox is his ability to play the outfield. His speed allows him to cover a lot of ground. His pure strength results in a cannon of an arm. He is dynamic in the outfield. Green has mastered using his power and speed to his advantage on both sides of his game.


Ultimately, there is only one area separating the estimated first overall pick Druw Jones and Elijah Green. Green’s weaknesses are that he is not strong in recognizing a variety of pitches. He can be a bit of a free swinger. Although a hitter with a lot of power like him is expected to strike out quite a bit, he cannot pick up high-level pitching yet. Pitches like curveballs, and sinkers are a nemesis to him at the moment. As well, the increased velocity that has come with higher-level pitching has puzzled him. However, this should not be something to fear for teams looking at Elijah Green’s draft profile. The more variety of pitches he sees, the better he will become.

MLB Comparison

A comparable player to Elijah Green in MLB now is Mookie Betts. Betts was a consistent 40+ base stealer for many years, and is still a threat on the base paths. Betts also shows tons of power from an athletic build at the plate. If Green can continue to build his ability to hit all pitches, he could be sending balls into the stands consistently with his raw power, just like Betts does. Betts is also a multiple-time Gold Glove Winner. His ability to play the field so well pertains to his power and speed, which Green also excels at. Green has more height than Betts, which he can use to his advantage. Green is a special player in the draft because of how solid he is in many areas, and Betts has shown that quality can make a player very successful.

Elijah Green Draft Profile 

The Green family has a chance to make some history at the draft, too. Elijah Green’s father Eric was a first-round pick in the NFL draft. If Elijah were to also be a first-rounder, it would be the first time that a father-son duo went in the first round in both the NFL and MLB. Elijah Green’s 2022 MLB Draft Profile is impressive, and any team would be crazy to not take a chance on a player who has continuously impressed. Green knows that “baseball is a game of failure” and he will have to work hard to achieve his goals. However, his talent is evident. Talent, combined with a player who knows and wants to work hard, will be sure to make a lucky team very happy to have Green in their organization. Elijah Green has an impressive draft profile. He has earned himself a chance to be one of the best players selected in the 2022 MLB Draft Class.

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