Cavan Biggio Hopes to Have a Bounce-Back Season

biggio bounce back season
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A Cavan Biggio bounce back might be on the horizon. Biggio has not had the start he has wanted in his major league career. As a highly scouted trio of ballplayers, including Biggio, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Bo Bichette, he has not lived up to his teammates’ hype. It is hard to live up to being the son of a former MLB Hall of Famer. Plus, it’s hard to imagine how difficult it might have been to live up to expectations, especially when injuries derail the big leagues’ first few seasons of opportunity. The organization, fans, and of course, Biggio himself hope he has a bounce-back season in 2022 that is productive and healthy.

Biggio Bounce Back Season

The Plague of Injuries

Unfortunately, injuries have not been kind to the 26-year old. It is hard to get into a rhythm in the game at a young age when progress keeps getting interrupted. In 2020, Biggio’s campaign was cut abruptly short due to Covid-19. Then, during his 2021 season, he had multiple injuries in his back, neck, and elbow problems. That plethora of injuries saw Biggio make numerous stints on the injured list. As of 2022 Spring Training, he’s battling back from yet another elbow sprain. It looks as though he will be ready for Opening Day, but it’s still a setback. 

Biggio Job Security 

While Biggio was injured, other players took the opportunity to play his position and performed well. Notably, Marcus Semien and Santiago Espinal were everyday infielders in Biggio’s absence. With Semien gone and Matt Chapman added, Biggio will have to fight for a spot in the lineup. He’ll most likely play at his most comfortable position, second base. However, Biggio’s was less than subpar in only 79 games in 2021, hitting just .224/.322/.356. If he is not performing up to standards, many others could take his place. It’s somewhat of a harsh reality for a talented player who has had an unfair start. 

Biggio Bounceback Season 

Biggio has been a part of the Toronto Blue Jay’s future. Management has avoided arbitration at a $2.12 million contract deal. The Blue Jays want him around; they see and believe in the talent their former top prospect can provide. Furthermore, Biggio is a versatile player who can play both the infield and outfield. Biggio is also a player who has the mentality of a hard worker who wants to improve. He recently told Sportsnet’s Hazel Mae that he focused on his game, mainly hitting. If there was a weakness before and during the injuries, his hitting was a damper in a potent lineup.

Biggio has a chance to bounce back and be the best version of himself he can be in this upcoming season. If there is anything a team looks for in an injured player, it is determination. Biggio has all the qualities to be a player who perseveres and becomes the player has is meant to be. The player everyone knows he can be. It is uncertain if this will be a bounce-back season for Biggio. Hopefully, it will be. If anything is sure, he has the organization, his teammates, and the fans in his corner cheering for his success. 

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