Rangers Draft Leiter With No. 2 Pick

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It is a very special time of year. We are in the middle of the 2021 Major League Baseball Draft. It is a time of hope. It is a chance for everyone to get a glimpse of the future for their respective ball clubs. Right now, all 30 major league front offices resemble ducks on the water. They may look calm and collected at first glance. Beneath the surface, however, it is a different story. They are frantically kicking and working to keep their teams moving in the right direction. This is especially true for the Texas Rangers. This year, the Rangers found themselves in the second spot in the draft order. On Saturday night, they elected to invest in more pitching. The Rangers drafted right-hander Jack Leiter with the N0. 2 overall pick.


Good News in Arlington

With a record that sits at 35-55 at the All-Star break, the Rangers were in need of some positive news. They had the second overall draft pick, and they certainly took advantage of it. Jack Leiter is already being welcomed with open arms among the Rangers faithful in the city of Arlington. Everyone is looking forward to watching him work his way to the major leagues. Time and circumstances will determine when that happens. When you’re taken second overall in the draft, the pressure and expectations are going to be sky-high. It will be important for Leiter to remain calm, get his work done, and progress through the minor leagues with a smooth and graceful approach. If everything goes as planned, it shouldn’t take long for him to make it to the big leagues. That’s what Rangers front-office officials were hoping when they opted to draft Leiter with the second pick. They’re especially excited about his fastball, which tops out at 97 mph. He also features a 12-6 curveball the reaches the upper 70’s, and a slider that reaches the low-80’s.


I Need a Leiter

His name might sound familiar. If it does, then chances are that you’re thinking of Hall of Fame left-hander Al Leiter right about now. Jack Leiter is indeed the offspring of the aforementioned lefty. This will be very beneficial. Imagine that you’re a top draft pick in any major league organization, and your father just happens to have won 162 games in his career. If that’s the case, then you should be hanging on to his every word, and writing them down as well. If you can write it all down with your non-pitching hand, then that’s even better. Rangers fans can rest assured that senior Leiter will take a very hands-on approach in his son’s development as well as every other aspect of his career. There’s no doubt that there will be some things that the 6-foot-1 right-hander will have to do on his own, but he is definitely in good hands. Leiter was a product of Vanderbilt University. In two seasons (2020-21) he went 13-4 for the Commodores. He posted a very respectable earned run average of 2.08. Over that stretch, he struck out 201 batters and gave up 53 walks. He has drawn comparisons to major league veteran, and fellow Vanderbilt alum Sonny Gray. Everyone is definitely excited by the news that the Rangers drafted Jack Leiter.

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