Trevor Bauer on Paid Leave amidst Allegations

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MLB has officially placed Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer on paid administrative leave on Friday ahead of his scheduled start on Sunday. This is in response to allegations of sexual assault on two separate occasions. It is not a disciplinary move by the league, so Bauer will continue to be paid during the week-long leave. This is what the league has the power to do under the current CBA with the players union. The administrative leave is to give the league and the Pasadena Police Department time to investigate these allegations. This obviously means that Bauer will not be making his scheduled start on Sunday. No charges have been filed, and the allegations may seem a little bit fishy to some. However, the league has to take all allegations 100% seriously in all cases of these types of allegations while the facts are uncovered. Bauer vehemently denies these accusations.

Allegations Against Bauer

We are not going to get into the graphic details here, but the accuser has alleged some serious things. She says that she had consensual sex with Bauer on two separate occasions in Bauer’s home. “But I did not consent to being assaulted,” she said in a statement. Bauer was surprised by these allegations since he and his accuser had agreed to engage in “rough sex” on both occasions. As a result, he has turned over his text conversations in which the woman asked repeatedly for “rough sex.” These texts include requests to be “choked out” and “slapped.” All of the exact details of the texts are not known yet since they are part of an ongoing investigation. However, there seems to be a lot more to the story here.

Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba is also an attorney and has released this statement via Twitter, which implies that there are many more details that are unreleased. The parts that seem a bit fishy to some revolve around a few undisputed facts. First, she clearly asked to be choked and hit, which there are text messages that show. Secondly, she spent the whole night with Bauer on both occasions. Third, she and Bauer continued to have flirtatious conversations via text message after both encounters. And finally, several of the things in the allegations are things that she clearly asked for. However, she says that it went further than that despite agreeing on a “safe word” that was never uttered.


These types of allegations are very serious and should be taken very seriously every single time. Further, there should be a thorough investigation into what exactly happened. MLB has done the right thing. This should be fully investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if the evidence suggests that is warranted. Bauer has not been arrested at this time. We will be following this closely as more facts become known.



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