Eli White’s Journey in 2021

If you’re a ballplayer in the major leagues, chances are that you’re aware of what your role on the team that you’re playing for is. It may not always be the most glamorous role on the roster, but if you’re on said roster, trust that it is for a specific reason. In the case of Texas Rangers outfielder Eli White, his role has been integral, not only to the big club, but to the entire Rangers organization. White has been one of those journeymen that you’ll hear about over the course of a season. The type of player who rarely sees a full season in the majors. He’s also the type of player that no team can do without. Here is a look at Eli White’s journey in 2021.


Up and Down

So far this year, White has really piled up his frequent flyer miles. The 26-year-old outfielder is currently in his third stint with the Rangers in 2021. He was recalled from Triple-A Round Rock on June 8th when the Rangers designated Khris Davis for assignment. Taking the spot of a guy who was expected to do more than he was able to do isn’t easy. There were many who thought that Davis would put up, well, Khris Davis numbers. It was not to be, however.

In his time with the Rangers, Davis hit just .157 with two home runs, five RBI, and eight runs scored. This was over a stretch of 22 games. He was coming off a quad injury, so that probably had something to do with his lack of production. Davis seemed to have somewhat of a broken approach in Texas, and it was White who got the call to come and pick up the pieces. It’s just been another stop on Eli White’s journey.


Career Firsts

It’s always special when a guy notches a career first in the major leagues. Whether it’s his first strikeout, his first hit, or his first home run, it’s certain to be at the forefront of that player’s memory bank for a long time to come. In White’s latest tenure with the Rangers, one such career first came on June 17th against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. It happened in the top of the third inning. White blasted his first career home run off of none other than 2009 AL Cy Young Award winner Zack Greinke. Furthermore, what made that moment even sweeter was that he hit his second home run later on in that game. It is sure to be a treasured moment in Eli White’s journey. It was a pretty good consolation prize in a game in which the Rangers lost 8-4.


More to Come

Barring a drastic change or injury, it appears that Eli White is set to stay in Arlington for the remainder of the 2021 season. He has been a steady presence in the Rangers lineup. His .198 batting average leaves a bit to be desired, but he has been solid in the field as well as a good clubhouse guy. There is plenty more to come in the career of Eli White.


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