Diamondbacks will be Sellers

There is no doubt that the Arizona Diamondbacks will be sellers at or before the July 30 trade deadline. The team has lost 35 of 41 games and has seen their 2021 season sink to an all-time low. They went on a 13-game losing streak, followed up by a 17-game losing streak. On top of that, is a record-breaking 23 losses on the road. Now the speculating begins on who will go and what their current trade values are.

Inquiries on Several Players

As “sellers,” the Diamondbacks will field many inquiries on several players. They have some veterans who are not only great communicators with younger players but also proven leaders in the clubhouse. That type of player is what teams contending for a playoff spot are looking for. General Managers and front-office personnel will begin (if they haven’t already started) reaching out to the Diamondbacks to find out what players will be on the trading block and what the team is seeking in return.

Who is Available

Who is on the possible trade list is always something the fans want to know. The simple answer to that question is that every player is obtainable if the right deal comes along. However, the likely scenario is only those players who won’t be back with the team in 2022 will be moved, players with expiring contracts at the end of this season, or those that the team has an option to pick up their contract for next season.

Expiring Contract Players

Players on expiring contracts with the Diamondbacks and who will bring some trade value are Asdrubal Cabrera, Eduardo Escobar, the recently signed Josh Reddick, and possibly Steven Vogt. Cabrera is a veteran with playoff experience. He can play multiple positions and is known as a player who can be a leader in the clubhouse. Escobar is similar to Cabrera in that he can play multiple positions in the infield. He also still has power in his bat. Reddick is another player that could be traded. He also has playoff experience and can play either corner outfield positions.

With his contract expiring, Steven Vogt could also be moved. Catchers are always in demand and although not known for his offense, his handling of pitchers and his defense are always in need. Look for some of these players, if not all of them, to be moved on or before July 30.

Kole Calhoun and David Peralta

Kole Calhoun and/or David Peralta could be on the “sale” list. If both are healthy and playing, they could be role players that teams will certainly ask about. Calhoun has an option for next season and Peralta a contract for 2022. However, with the emergence and continued development of Pavin Smith and some prospect outfielders in the Minors—Seth Beer, Alex Thomas, and Daulton Varsho, to name a few—it is possible either or both could be moved.

Pitchers Moved

It is also possible that a few pitchers could be moved. The biggest collapse for the Diamondbacks this season has been their overall pitching. Although they are currently last or near the bottom of every pitching statistic, they might still get called on for both starters and relievers. If the Diamondbacks pick up at least half of Madison Bumgarner’s contract in a trade proposal, we could see him in another uniform.

Merrill Kelly is also a trade candidate. A contender that needs a spot starter or long reliever down the stretch of a playoff run would love him. His salary is considered team friendly with a 4.25MM salary in 2021 and a $5.25MM team option for 2022. He could be a nice addition for a contending team with money constraints.

Joakim Soria was brought in to be the closer but that did not work out. It started with a left calf strain and continued with inconsistent pitching. He is a veteran reliever who has proven that he can still get hitters out. He also brings plenty of postseason experience. With his ability to pitch in multiple situations out of the bullpen as a seventh-inning pitcher, a set-up man, or even a closer, a team in a playoff hunt would welcome him.

What They Will Get in Return

Diamondbacks will be sellers and on the other side of the “who goes” question is the “what will we get” question. It is unlikely that the Diamondbacks would get any front-line prospects, those players considered MLB-ready this or next year, for any of the players on the trading block. However, with 26 teams currently considered to be in the playoff hunt, you never know what can happen. Multiple teams may have a need for the same type of player. This could make trades even more appealing and demanding. Depending on needs, General Managers might consider someone on their teams’ MLB Top 30 prospects list in order to secure players that they need.

There is no doubt that the Arizona Diamondbacks will be sellers. And, we could see action as early as the next few days. With as many as nine players on the block, and possibly more, this team will certainly look different in the coming weeks. Fans never want to see their favorite players traded. But with the Diamondbacks’ season all but over, it’s better that they try to get something for tradable players with expiring contracts. Even if all they get is an AA or even a High or Low-A player, then it is better than winding up with nothing. Younger players are always necessary to keep your farm system going and strong. The time between now and the end of July will be interesting for the Diamondbacks.


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