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Rangers catchers

There are times when it can be the most overlooked position on the diamond. Baseball fans, and people that are new to the game, however, should not be fooled. A team’s catcher is the leader, or manager if you will, on the field. He knows how and when to strategically shift his infielders and outfielders for each batter that comes to the plate. A good catcher also knows how to gain the trust of his pitching staff. Calling a game is somewhat of an art form, and your team’s catcher needs to know which pitches to call, and which ones not to call at the right time. He’s a teammate, friend, and therapist all rolled into one chest protector. The Rangers have a couple of really good backstops. Here’s a look at the Texas Rangers catching tandem.

Longest Tenured

Although he is not quite considered a veteran yet by major league baseball standards, Jose Trevino brings with him the most experience among the catchers that the Rangers are carrying on their 40-man roster in 2021. He got his first taste of the show in 2018. He only appeared in three games, but he made enough of an impression for the front office to keep him around. That year, he hit .250 with no home runs, three RBI, and no runs scored in eight at-bats. This year he is hitting .256 with one home run, nine RBI, and eleven runs scored. It is evident that the Rangers pay Trevino for what he does behind the plate as he has a career fielding percentage of .992. He may have some work to do offensively, but he is more than reliable when it comes to defense. He is a very important piece of the Rangers’ catching tandem.

Backup Backstop

While Trevino is the Rangers’ primary catcher, they do have an up and coming backup to give him a rest every so often. That would be 25-year old switch-hitter Jonah Heim. Heim is just barely getting his feet wet, but he has the potential to become a good starter one day. His major league debut came on August 25, 2020, one day after the shortened season began. Last year he played in 13 games for the Oakland Athletics. In that stretch, he hit .211 with no home runs, five RBI, and five runs scored. The Rangers would eventually net him along with outfielder Khris Davis, and right-hander Dane Acker in exchange for shortstop and Rangers mainstay Elvis Andrus. In 2021, Heim is hitting .185 with two home runs, five RBI, and seven runs scored in 65 at-bats. He still has yet to prove himself, but the Rangers like what they see so far.

On the Mend

It is also worth mentioning that the Rangers had a third catcher in the mix in 23-year old Sam Huff, but he is currently on the 60-day injured list. His only time in the major leagues was in 2020 when he hit .355 with three home runs, and four RBI. Hopefully he will have a swift recovery from his knee surgery, so the Rangers can determine their next move regarding him. He could be a nice addition to the Rangers’ catching tandem.

Players mentioned: Jose Trevino, Jonah Heim, Khris Davis, Dane Acker, Elvis Andrus, Sam Huff

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