Texas Rangers Trade Rougned Odor to Yankees

Rougned Odor Trade

There are a lot of times in baseball when a change of scenery is necessary. It may be a cliche, but it rings true nonetheless. Sometimes a player’s struggles will motivate his current team’s management to seek other options, both for him and for the team. This week, the Texas Rangers did just that. It was announced on Tuesday that they have traded second baseman Rougned Odor to the New York Yankees. Let’s take a look at the known details of the Rougned Odor trade.

On the Hook

Even though Odor was designated for assignment on March 29th, he is still owed quite a bit of money. This will make things a little difficult for the Rangers. The 27-year old infielder is set to make $27 million over the next two years. During that time, every cent of his contract will remain on the Rangers’ books. This will make things tight for them. It means less flexibility on the payroll. Without those resources, securing talent down the road will be quite the challenge.

Going the Other Way

The players the Rangers received from the Yankees in the Rougned Odor trade are outfielder Josh Stowers and catcher/outfielder Antonio Cabello.  New York was searching for depth in their infield, and that is what they are hoping that Odor will provide. As for Rangers fans, all they can do is wait to see what this deal will bring them. They had plenty to be excited about during their home opener on April 5th as it marked the first time that a sporting venue had been filled to capacity since the beginning of the pandemic. As great as that was, fans are also hungry for excitement on the field. With a current record of 1-3, the Rangers haven’t given them a lot to cheer about. Hopefully, they can add to the win column with the help of these new acquisitions.

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Players Mentioned

Rougned Odor, Josh Stowers, and Antonio Cabello.

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