Don’t Give Up on Rafael Devers

After the call-up of Rafael Devers late last season, people were labeling him as the next big Boston Red Sox superstar. There were fair expectations, considering his ascension through the minor league system and his sample size against Major League teams. This season…his production has been a little lackluster, but don’t stress just yet! This kid has crazy potential, as we shouldn’t give up on Devers just yet.

Don’t Give Up on Rafael Devers

The talk about giving up on last season’s top prospect is crazy talk. Rafael Devers is just 21 years old! There are many top prospects still in college or in the minors who have yet to make their MLB debut and are older than Devers. Aaron Judge is 26 years old and was a rookie just last season. The point is, don’t give up on a youthful player who’s going through growing pains. Devers has tons of untapped potential and a crazy high ceiling.

If you have any sort of doubt in him, just think of all this trade talk going around. The talks of trading Rafael Devers for Manny Machado shows his value, not only to the Sox, but to everyone in the league. Manny Machado is a bonafide superstar and any mention of Devers being the prize of a package return shows his worth and possible future.

With the bat, his improvement has been clear. A report came out that J.D. Martinez saw something Devers could tweak in his swing, and since then, Rafael has improved. Over the last 23 games, Devers is hitting .319 with eight doubles, five home runs, and 18 RBI. Surprisingly, he also has four stolen bases in that timeframe. These numbers may not be indicative of what Devers will do throughout a whole season, but he’s definitely not the .246 hitter he’s been thus far.

There will always be growing pains with young players. Many players are still developing in the Minors at this age. Rafael Devers is a stud and will be a star in this league, he just needs a few adjustments. And we just need to be patient. Don’t give up on the man.

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