Ryan Vilade 2017 MLB Draft Profile

We often wonder what happens to the kids of MLB players and coaches. Sharing genetics, a roof, and probably a passion should net another ball player, right? This is the case with James Vilade, a former coach with the Texas Rangers organization and current coach at Oklahoma State. Coach Vilade’s son is in the hunt for a draft day call, and hopefully in the first round. A solid arm and a power bat has Ryan Vilade 2017 MLB Draft-ready.

Ryan Vilade 2017 MLB Draft Profile


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ryan Vilade is a top-50 draft prospect. The Stillwater High School shortstop has had the gift of MLB-caliber coaching his entire life. His father, James, has worked with over 60 players who’ve gone on to be drafted. James spent time with the Double-A Frisco RoughRiders as both scout and coach. But this isn’t about James.

Ryan Vilade is an all-around right-hander who will be moved to another position once drafted. At 6’2″ and a lean 190 pounds, he has the room to put on more size and realize the above-average power scouts are looking for out of him.

There is some worry his stock is a tad high from playing against the level of competition found in Oklahoma. Worry should be left at the door, however. Vilade has played much of his career in Texas, with a baseball lifer as a father to oversee it all.

Vilade also has a proven track record. He hit in the three-hole for a gold medal Team USA in the 18U Pan American Games in 2016. He’s also been named by Gatorade as the Oklahoma Baseball Player of the Year. Vilade also swatted his way to a home run derby win at the Under Armour All-America game in 2016.


Power is Vilade’s top quality. MLB.com has him at average for his hit tool, with above-average power. MLB.com noted he has shown an ability to adjust after shortening up a swing that got a bit long during showcase circuit play. He isn’t just a decent source of right-handed power, though.

While he’s slated to be a .260 average, 20 home run bat, he commands the infield with his plus arm. Because of his glove and speed, he slides in well as a third baseman until he proves otherwise. Any lapse in speed or ball handling won’t be too worrisome when he makes up for it with his cannon. He should make an everyday second baseman worst case.

He’s a smart kid, maintaining a 3.94 GPA according to Gatorade. His knowledge for the game is advanced, lent to him by his father. Glenn Cecchini, head coach of the USA Baseball 18U National Team, has been quoted as saying, “Ryan Vilade knows the game inside and out and how to play it the right way. He is an outstanding talented player and a gamer with a blue-collar work ethic. He personifies what championship teams are made of.”


His arm has given him the chance to make plays which a more agile defender would have been in position to more cleanly field. His defense isn’t the knock here, just his run tool. His fielding is average and there isn’t a problem with that.

Vilade is a below-average runner. He’s considered to be a third baseman right now because of it. He should have the talent to stay there. Running aside, Vilade has no real weaknesses. He can find ways to win through multiple channels, ranging in various physical and mental means.

MLB Comparison

Based on similar position (third/second) and offensive capability over a full season, Vilade pulls a loose, right-handed comparison to Chris Coghlan.

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