The Skinny on Beer Prices Around the NHL 2013/14 Edition


Beer and sports go hand in hand – they really always have.  Like anything in life, prices seem to always be going up, up, up.  Beer prices are certainly no exception.  We at LWOS have followed a site called for some time.  Periodically they put out some really great insight into beer industry as it relates directly to sports.

Today, we bring hockey fans an interesting look at beer prices from around the NHL.  There are certainly some surprises, particularly with the high and low.


All prices have been normalized to US Dollars and are at a BEFORE TAX amount.

Note:  All Prices are as Reported by phone calls to the stadium itself. 

Also note that not all arenas use the same size glass, so we have reported the size actually sold at the arena.

If the price you paid at a recent game does not correspond to the graphic, its likely due to the taxes, normalization to USD, and/or buying a different size than the one reported.

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NFL Beer Prices, MLB Beer Prices, and The Superbowl-Beer Connection

Here are last years Prices for comparison. NHL Beer Prices – 2012/13 Season


More than 18 MILLION twelve ounce beers will be consumed during the strike-shortened season generating about 142 million dollars in beer sales!

The graphic is provided by SaveonBrew, and used with permission.  Please note that it is copyright and all rights reserved.


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  1. Leafs games prices are not even close to the price listed even with accounting for us conversion and taxes

    a 16 draft beer is around $15 all in

  2. Verizon Center in DC beer prices START at $8.50 for Bud Light and escalate quickly for “Premium” beers (read: not Bud, Miller, or Coors).


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