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The Skinny on Beer Prices from EVERY MLB Team!

Beer and sports go hand in hand – they really always have.  Like anything in life, prices seem to always be going up, up, up.  Beer prices are certainly no exception.  We at LWOS have followed a site called for some time.  Back in January we ran an infographic on “Beer Consumption and the Superbowl“, followed by one comparing Beer Prices from Every NHL Arena.  The article was wildly successful, as we had many “thank-you” notes sent across my desk…errr, laptop.

Today, we bring baseball fans an interesting look at beer prices from all teams around Major League Baseball.  There are certainly some surprises, particularly with the high and low.

All prices have also been normalized to US Dollars and are at a BEFORE TAX amount, and are conveniently give to you in a “per ounce” comparison.  They are as reported to SaveonBrew by the individual ballparks.

So, without further ado, I give you the beer prices from around Major League Baseball.  Before you take a look, please remember to follow us on Twitter – @LastWordOnSport and to share this on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Message Boards or wherever else.  Thanks again to

Data via and is based on information reported by each team during a survey

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