The Skinny on Beer Prices from Around the NHL


Beer and sports go hand in hand – they really always have.  Like anything in life, prices seem to always be going up, up, up.  Beer prices are certainly no exception.  We at LWOS have followed a site called for some time.  Periodically they put out some really great insight into beer industry as it relates directly to sports.  Back in January we ran an infographic on “Beer Consumption and the Superbowl“.  The article was wildly successful, as we had many “thank-you” notes sent across my desk…errr, laptop.

Today, we bring hockey fans an interesting look at beer prices from around the NHL’s arenas.  There are certainly some surprises, particularly with the high and low.  It was interesting to see how SaveOnBrew examined the cost fans of each team would have to pay at their respective arenas to “Fill the Cup” (Stanley Cup) with beer – nice idea!

Note that all prices have been equalized into a price per 12 ounces. That way arenas that sell 20 ounce beers (ie Bell Centre) are not been penalized, and we have a fair apples to apples (lager to lager) comparison. All prices have also been normalized to US Dollars and are at a BEFORE TAX amount.

So, without further ado, I give you the beer prices from around the NHL.  Before you take a look, please remember to follow us on Twitter – @LastWordOnSport.  If interested, follow our hockey department – @LastWordOnNHL, @LastWordBKerr and @BigMick99.


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Infographic Photo Credit:, used with permission, all rights reserved.

Data via and is based on information reported by each team during a survey

Bell Centre Photo Credit: haven’t the slightest via photopin cc


  1. You have Phoenix on the list twice with the US Airways Center (no longer used) and Center. No Washington D.C. Verizon Center.

  2. These prices are incorrect, a beer costs 8 dollars and the Scotiabank Saddledome and 8.25 for a kieths. Before anyone says anything about US and Cad exchange rates its 1 to 1

    • Where are US and Canadian Exchange rates 1 to 1?

      I’ve got it at 0.97 today.

      Also, are you normalizing to the correct size?

      Also these prices are BEFORE TAX so that is likely your big difference maker.

      • Why before tax!?! Why would I care? The only people who care about the before tax numbers are the people selling me the beer and the government.

  3. Wow! You guys are precise. We get the info by calling the arenas. So if you think it’s wrong, take it up there. The prices are a few weeks old, at this point, so you have to adjust slightly for whatever the exchange rate was at that blip in time.

    As far as arenas that are gone or renamed, what can we say, it gets complicated. Ah, the internet, God bless ya!

    • Thanks Mark.

      I think the big issue is arenas are giving you the pre-tax price, and most people are figuring what they pay after taxes. So the numbers are different there.

      The other issue is of course the exchange rate.

      We appreciate all the work though.

  4. Definitely wrong $$$ on the Montreal Canadiens. And if memory serves correct, it’s a 20 oz that gets served at the concession stand, and 14 oz cans in the stands.

  5. […] This is one of those beers that tastes way better on tap than in the can. I don’t know what causes that because I am not a professional canman. Good front end and the back gets a little sour and syrupy, kinda like your lesser American macros. Very nice front all the way through, though, and the downer back end ain’t that noticeable in the tap version. It’s a real bargain, too, the Bell Center only charges 11 bucks a tall boy! […]


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