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Forbes List Gives Update on the Rockies Franchise Value

Last season, the Colorado Rockies lost more than 100 games for the first time in their franchise history. Expectations were low coming into this season, however, this team has a chance to hit a new low. To start, Colorado is currently 3-10 recently losing 5-3 at home against the Arizona Diamondbacks. On Opening Day, they were blown out the gate in an embarrassing 16-1 loss to Arizona. According to Forbes List, since last season this Rockies franchise’s value has grown 0% over the past year. Their team value of nearly 1.5 billion dollars has stayed the same over the last year, and things may get worse for this franchise if they continue to sink to the bottom of the National League.

Forbes List Gives Update on the Rockies Franchise Value

Charles and Richard Monfort paid 95 million dollars to become sole owners of the team in 2005 when the Monfort’s became sole owners of the Rockies after they bought out Jerry McMorris. Although player expenses cost this team nearly 200 million dollars a season, the Rockies have an annual stadium revenue of 313 million dollars. Back in December, the Rockies regional sports network AT&T SportsNet, which is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery shut down. This allowed the Rockies to allow fans to stream home games using their new platform.

Out of every MLB team, the Rockies are the 20th most valuable team in the league. Even though their franchise value has grown 0% over the past year, it’s the fans who’ve constantly supported this team through the good times and the bad that helped this franchise stay afloat. Throughout the offseason, ownership did not assert any big moves on the roster. Ownership can’t expect to win. Especially when the Rockies play in one of the toughest if not the toughest division in all of baseball. Is it time for the Monforts to sell the Rockies? Would getting new ownership in the building, change the mood of this organization from top to bottom? If this team cannot turn things around, or bring their franchise value up just a smidge there may be serious changes coming to this organization.

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