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The 2024 Rockies Have A Chance to Hit A New Low

The 2024 Colorado Rockies will have a long season ahead of them. They’re currently 1-6 and will be heading back to Denver for their home opener against the Tampa Bay Rays. This team is playing in a tough division, perhaps the toughest in all of baseball. And yet, even after going 59-103 during the 2023 season, the Rockies look like they’ll have a worse record than they did a year ago. It’s still extremely early on in the season. However, this team nearly ranks at the bottom of every major statistical category. It’s true that in baseball, anything can happen. Nonetheless, ownership, coaches, and players will feel the heat from the fans if this team does not improve. This 2024 season for the Colorado Rockies has the chance to hit a new low, and not just in the wins column.

The 2024 Rockies May Hit A New Low

The Offense

Colorado’s offense ranks 26th out of the 30 teams this season. They’re tied with the St. Louis Cardinals with 50 hits through their first seven games, which ranks 15th. They’re 21st in MLB with an abysmal .218 batting average. Also, the Rockies are ranked right at the bottom of the sport with just one stolen base. Colorado is tied for 21st with the Toronto Blue Jays with 21 runs batted in. Finally, they rank close to the bottom of MLB with four homers through their first seven games.

The team had some top-notch performers during their Opening Day series with the Arizona Diamondbacks. However, they lost three out of four games and then ended up getting swept in a three-game series with the Chicago Cubs. It’s obvious that if the Rockies can’t score against some of these tougher opponents, they won’t win nearly enough ball games as they wanted to this season.

The Pitching

Overall, through the first seven games of the season, the Rockies pitching ranks 27th thus far. They rank 29th in the league with the 12 home runs they’ve given up. Also, with 39 total strikeouts, they sit two strikeouts ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers. The Rockies rank at the very bottom, however, for numerous pitching categories. As a whole, they sit dead last in the league with a disgusting 8.37 ERA. They’ve allowed 53 earned runs and 58 total runs. Colorado is also dead last with a horrific 1.982 WHIP, and their opponents are currently batting .329 off of the Rockies pitching staff.

In the team’s first game of the new season, the Rockies pitching staff gave up 16 runs in an embarrassing 16-1 loss over the Arizona Diamondbacks. Starter Kyle Freeland gave up 10 runs in just 2 1/3 innings. He also had two strikeouts. This is an inexcusable loss for any starter, especially the top guy in your rotation. If guys can’t find their stride on the mound, the Rockies could give up the most runs this season, and perhaps all-time.

Can This Team Improve, or Will They Hit A New Low?

Yes, it’s still extremely early on in the season. Pretty much anything could possibly happen. However, for this Rockies team, it appears their fate has already been sealed for the 2024 MLB regular season. Since that Opening Day loss, the Rockies have had to build their confidence back up. They’re also a team with a ton of extremely fresh faces, and not all of them will make an immediate impact at the big-league level. There’s no feasible chance this Rockies team will turn things around, especially as many determined players like Kris Bryant have considerably underachieved through the team’s first seven games.

With too many young players, this team does not have a franchise cornerstone All-Star either in the lineup or on the pitching staff, or at least not yet. Colorado also contends with four National League powerhouses within the division. Each loss this Rockies team takes is a giant step back from having any chance even to make a Wild Card spot. 2023 seemed like a whirlwind of a season, but 2024 may hit a new low, and it may get a whole lot worse before it gets better for the Colorado Rockies.


Photo Credit: © David Banks-USA TODAY Sports


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