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CanWNT vs Jamaica Predictions on September 26 at BMO Field

CanWNT Player, Adriana Leon in the Jamaica vs CanWNT Game

The CanWNT vs Jamaica game will be the second and last Olympic qualifier play-in game between the two teams. Canada heads into this game as the heavy favourites, as they won the game in Kingston, Jamaica by a scoreline of 2-0.

CanWNT vs Jamaica Predictions This Upcoming Tuesday

CanWNT (2-1-2)

The CanWNT had most of the scoring chances, especially in the second half. Some big defensive plays made by players like Vanessa Gilles, Kadeisha Buchanan, and Jade Rose along with goals from Nichelle Prince and Adriana Leon played a big role in the win.

This is what Prince said about the win (source: Canada Soccer Twitter Account):

“We were hungry for a win today (Friday) and so coming out the way we did and I think we are proud of ourselves and each other.”

This also marks only the second time in five games that Canada has kept a clean sheet. To be able to do that on the road, Canada should be given full credit. Obviously, they are using that disappointing FIFA Women’s World Cup performance as motivation for these Olympic qualifiers.

Jamaica (1-2-2)

Jamaica is in a bind heading into Tuesday. They gave up two goals on the road without scoring one goal at home. They will also have to travel to BMO Field, where most of the fans will be supporting the opposing team. This is what Cheyna Matthews said about the game on Friday (source: Eddy Vision TV):

“Coughed the ball up in dangerous areas and we tried to put our chances away, but they did not fall, but I think if we continue to do things that work, get those opportunities, and hopefully put them away.”

Also, the game on Friday marks the first time the Reggae Girlz gave up more than one goal since their 7-3 defeat to Mexico in the CAC Women’s Games.

Head-to-Head and the Likely Return of Janine Beckie

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The CanWNT continues to be unbeaten against Jamaica. The game on Friday marks the second time Canada has won against Jamaica since 2022. Canada also continues to be unbeaten as they have won ten games with no draws or ties against Jamaica.

What might be more interesting is the return of Janine Beckie as noted by Canadian women’s soccer head coach, Beverly Priestman:

“So, Janine headed off, we will see her again, in Toronto.”

Beckie is a player who does well with crosses and creates scoring chances for her team, which was seen in the home win against Nigeria at BC Place. However, with such a layoff since suffering the injury, expecting her to start the game seems unlikely.

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Game Coming up at BMO Field

It is ironic that the CanWNT is playing such an important game against the Reggae Girlz. In fact, in men’s soccer, Canada defeating Jamaica 4-0 allowed the CanMNT to qualify for the FIFA World Cup for the first time since 1986. Of course, the expectation is for Canada to qualify for the Olympics for women’s soccer as they are the defending Olympic champions.

With the win over Jamaica at Independence Park, Canada is one step closer to achieving that goal, as they take their two-goal aggregate lead into Tuesday at BMO Field.

Of course, Priestman is not going to sit back and think the job is done, as she replied to one of the media’s questions on the mentality of playing at BMO Field:

“I think we have to continue the momentum. I think you know, to go home and just sit in and defend I think it will not get the best out of the team,” Priestman said. “I mean the job is only half done and I think that’s been the message to the players that you know I know this Jamaican group is going to come in and do everything and throw the kitchen sink and because an Olympic games is on the line.”

Predictions and How to Watch the Game

PREDICTION: CanWNT 3 – Jamaica 0

For Jamaica, they really needed to get a result at home if they wanted to have some advantage with the Canadians. They now have to score at least two goals on the road or their Olympic dream is over. Also, Jamaica cannot afford a draw in Toronto’s provincial capital as Canada has already won the away leg.

The Reggae Girlz will have to do the unlikely and at least take it to extra time or penalties by winning the game 2-0. It will also not be easy as a sell out crowd is expected at BMO Field for the Canadian women’s soccer team. The expectation is that Canada takes control of the game from beginning to end.

The game kicks off at 7:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday. It will be shown live on OneSoccer and Telus.


Photo Credit: Canada Soccer EN Twitter Account and Canada Soccer FR Twitter Account on September 22, 2023.


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