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An Impressive CanWNT Performance in a 3-0 Win over Jamaica

An Impressive CanWNT Performance as Jessie Fleming headed the ball into the back of the net on July 14, 2022

ANALYSIS – An impressive CanWNT performance on Thursday night allowed Canada to make the Concacaf W Championship Final. Jamaica defended the game well on a low block. However, Canada got better as the game went on, especially in the second half.

An Impressive CanWNT Performance at Estadio Universitario

Three Keys to the Game

The CanWNT had most of the scoring chances

For the first 10 minutes, it looked like Jamaica was defending the CanWNT well.

There were chances to score in the 28-minute, but no Canadian player could get to the ball before Desiree Scott fired the ball straight to the Jamaican goalkeeper. Janine Beckie’s shot was blocked in the 31-minute of play. Jayde Riviere’s shot looked like it was deflected by Nichelle Prince and hit the post in the 34-minute.

The goal in the 18-minute really put pressure on Jamaica. A fantastic cross by Ashley Lawrence resulted in a goal by Jessie Fleming. It was also one example of Canada getting behind Jamaica’s backline and scoring the goal.

The CanWNT looked to have tired Jamaica late in the game

In the second half, Jamaica had trouble dealing with pressure against the CanWNT. They seemed to be getting tired the longer the game went.

The second goal, scored by Allysha Chapman, happened because of a fantastic cross delivered by Adriana Leon. Once again, Canada got behind Jamaica’s defence and was able to score the goal. It was also a huge credit to Leon for her cross and to Chapman for finding a way to get a connection to the ball and into the net.

The third goal scored by the CanWNT might have been the prettiest. This was a great set-up cross by Janine Beckie. It was also a nice header delivered by Jordyn Huitema. Whether it was deliberate or not, it allowed Leon to get to the ball and put it into the back of the net. Canada did not stop there, they had some big opportunities after that third goal, which were:

  • Leon’s shot was denied by Jamaican goalkeeper, Rebecca Spencer, in the 78-minute.
  • Sophie Schmidt shot almost went into the net, as it deflected off a Jamaican player and was off-target.

Jamaica did not get a shot on goal

Jamaica’s plan was to counterattack or take advantage of any mistakes made by the CANWNT. This plan had some success, but in the end, though, they were unable to get a shot on goal.

  • Trudi Carter tried to take advantage of a Canadian mistake and shot at a wide-open net from a long distance in the 24-minute, but she missed the net.
  • Late in the game, Jamaica was counterattacking, but CanWNT goalkeeper, Kailen Sheridan, was aware of the danger and got to the ball on time.

In the end though, like Costa Rica against the CanWNT, Jamaica did not control the pace of play. They played in a low block, and the Jamaicans paid for it against the Canadians.

Game Analysis of the Impressive CanWNT performance against Jamaica

This is what CanWNT goalscorer, Chapman, said about the game according to OneSoccer:

“We played a lot of low blocks. And so it has been difficult sometimes to break down, but I think, especially against Costa Rica (CanWNT won that game against Costa Rica 2-0), we got in a rhythm and we carried that over to Jamaica, and I thought the score would have been a lot higher, so I think we have been getting together really well as a group.”

Chapman made a good point, as the CanWNT looked much sharper in their 2-0 win over Costa Rica than their 1-0 win against Panama. With the USWNT also winning their semi-finals matchup 3-0 against the Costa Ricans, it should be an interesting match. Both teams have not conceded one goal throughout the entire Concacaf W Championship. That might change though in the Final as there is still a gap between the CanWNT and USWNT and the rest of Concacaf.

Games coming up on Monday

The final between the USWNT and the CanWNT will take place at 10:00 p.m. ET. American fans can watch the game live on Paramount+ while the CanWNT can watch it live on OneSoccer. Additionally, in Canada, it is likely that CBC will televise the game nationally between the two sides. However, it is unclear, as of this writing, whether it will be on tape delay or be shown live.

For Costa Rica, they will be facing Jamaica for the third-place placement in the Concacaf W Championship. The winner keeps their Summer Olympic dreams alive and would face the loser of the Concacaf W Championship to see who qualifies for the Summer Olympics. The other entrant in Paris 2024 for Concacaf will be the winner of the USWNT-CanWNT game.  This game will be shown live on OneSoccer and Paramount+ on Monday at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Lastly, the two Concacaf teams that qualify for the Summer Olympics will be the first two Concacaf nations to compete in the inaugural Concacaf W Gold Cup in 2024.

Photo Credit: CAN Soccer’s WNT on July 14, 2022.



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