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CanWNT tops Group B thanks to a great start against Costa Rica

CanWNT tops Costa Rica: Kadeisha Buchanan prepares for the game against Costa Rica on July 11, 2022

ANALYSIS – The CanWNT tops Group B with an impressive 2-0 win over Costa Rica. Canada was clearly the better team on the night as Costa Rica only had a few chances to score.

The CanWNT tops Group B with a 2-0 win over Costa Rica

Three Keys to the Game

The CanWNT tops Costa Rica thanks to a strong start to the game

The CanWNT made sure they came into the game with lots of chances and that is what they did. It started off with Janine Beckie, who delivered a terrific cross to Vanessa Gilles, whose header missed the target. Then, in the fifth minute, Nichelle Prince delivered a great pass to Janine Beckie, who was able to put the ball into the back of the net.

Then in the 10-minute, Christine Sinclair set up the play as Gilles passed the ball to Prince, who almost scored a goal of her own, but her shot was blocked by the Costa Rican defender. Beckie then crossed the ball to Christine Sinclair in the 16-minute, but the shot missed the target. Christine Sinclair created a great chip for Janine Beckie, who was unable to score in the 22-minute. Prince passed the ball to Beckie but was unable to get a shot on target in the 43-minute.  Christine Sinclair made a heads-up play to create a turnover, but Beckie’s shot misses the net.

CanWNT had a lot of chances to score

The CanWNT had a lot of chances to score against the Costa Ricans. They did not capitalize on many of them, however, they had possession and the majority of the scoring chances. It felt like the Costa Ricans were playing defensively too often. Other chances included Jayde Riviere’s cross being off-target. Also, the CanWNT looked a lot sharper than their 1-0 win against Panama. Still, there were some chances they could have scored on. Looking specifically at the second half, here are some scoring chances they had:

They did however convert on one of those chances. Now, this chance was harder than some of the others Canada had to score. It was a brilliant goal by Sophie Schmidt, who becomes only the third CanWNT player to score goals in three different decades. The other players to do it are Christine Sinclair and the now-retired Diana Matheson.

Costa Rica did not control the flow of the game

Costa Rica, for most of the game, was to counterattack and try to get a goal. That strategy though was only used for a few moments in this game.

  • Valeria Del Campo was creating dangerous plays in the 35-minute for Costa Rica.
  • Shirley Cruz’s shot in the 69-minute missed the target as she tried to capitalize on an Allysha Chapman mistake.

For the most part, though, Costa Rica was ineffective in breaking down Canada’s defence. Players like Kadeisha Buchanan did an excellent job of making sure Costa Rica did not have too many scoring opportunities.

Game Analysis of the CanWNT tops Group B in Guadalupe, Mexico

The CanWNT will eventually need to take advantage of their scoring opportunities. Canada is an excellent team with probably the best defence in the world. They can also create chances and give themselves an opportunity to score. That was seen in full display today as players like Prince, Sinclair, and Beckie created opportunities for other players to score.

Turning those scoring opportunities into goals though is another question. Grosso, who scored three goals in the first two games, including scoring two goals against Trinidad and Tobago was not present on Monday. Regardless of the result though, both the CanWNT and Costa Rica already made the FIFA Women’s World Cup prior to this game.

Game Summary of the CanWNT tops Group B

The CanWNT tops Group B with a 2-0 win over Costa Rica. This was thanks to a solid start and having the majority of the chances in the game at Estadio BBVA. The win also meant that the CanWNT have historically won all 11 games against the Costa Ricans. As a result, Canada avoids facing the USWNT in the semi-finals at 10:00 p.m. ET and will instead face Jamaica. This is while Costa Rica will face the USWNT at 7:00 p.m. ET. Both games will be shown live on OneSoccer on Thursday in San Nicolás de los Garza at Estadio BBVA. Additionally, the CanWNT game will be televised nationally live on CBC.

The CanWNT has a perfect record against Jamaica, including a 9-0 win in the 2020 Summer Olympic qualifying. They have won all three games against the Reggae Girlz, who will make their second-straight FIFA Women’s World Cup appearance. Jamaica qualified for the FIFA Women’s World Cup thanks to wins against Haiti and the tournament’s hosts, Mexico.

Photo Credit: CAN Soccer’s WNT on July 11, 2022.



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