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Analysis: CanWNT Wins Over Jamaica at Independence Park

CanWNT Player, Nichelle Prince Header at Independence Park

The CanWNT gets a big win on the road against Jamaica, nicknamed the Reggae Girlz, at Independence Park. Some key defensive plays and the chances that were created were a big reason why Canada heads to BMO Field with a huge advantage on Tuesday.

CanWNT Earns Big Win on the Road at Independence Park

CanWNT Generated Better Scoring Opportunities

Canada did not start the game well as Jamaica had many of the scoring opportunities. However, Canada started to find a rhythm to the game after Nichelle Prince scored with a header, thanks to a fantastic cross delivered by Ashley Lawrence.

From there, Canada really stepped up. Adriana Leon kept pressing in the second half, including almost scoring a goal to start the second half. Leon would finally get her goal in stoppage time as Julia Grosso started the play as she passed the ball to Gabrielle Carle, who saw Leon, who put the ball into the back of the net.

This is what Priestman said in response to Elias Laradi’s question on Adriana Leon:

“I think it was quite fitting on 100 cap she scored that goal but put out that performance and you know, I can see your smiling familiar to you because I think she just always wants to deliver for this team.”

Priestman also gave praise to Nichelle Prince, who scored the other goal for Canada:

“I think Nichelle you know had a massive setback has worked so hard. And what a comeback start that was as well. I thought she was outstanding.”

The CanWNT Defence Was Solid at Independence Park

The CanWNT’s defence was not perfect. However, it might have been the biggest reason why Canada won the game. A lot of key defensive plays were made during the game. This included:

  • Jade Rose made some big defensive plays in the 14-minute and the 29-minute.
  • Vanessa Gilles made some great defensive plays during the game, including a key one in the 34-minute.

This is what Priestman said about the defence:

“Yeah, so in organized play, we were very good.” Priestman said. “I think the area that I feel we can improve in is sometimes we are our own worst enemies in transition.”

The key defensive moment though might have been when Canada was defending a one-goal lead. A cross was delivered into Canada’s box and Kadeisha Buchanan and the Canadian number 11 made some critical plays and tackles to make it harder for the Jamaicans to score.

CanWNT Goalkeeper, Kailen Sheridan, Was Not Tested

The defence of Canada played a big role in this, but the Reggae Girlz had chances to pounce on Canada, especially with some of the turnovers given away by Canada to Jamaica at certain points of the game. This includes:

  • Jamaica started the game off well but was not able to get a shot on goal.
  • Tiffany Cameron’s shot just missed the net.

Jamaica really did not generate many scoring opportunities as a whole. Sheridan also did not need to make the save until the 80-minute of play.

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Other Factors: CanWNT Need to Make Less Turnovers

There were some instances where Canada turned over the ball on their end of the field. These examples included:

  • Jayde Rose gave up the ball, forcing Vanessa Gilles to make the block.
  • Buchanan gave up the ball, which could have resulted in a Jamaica goal.

These are things that Canada can learn and take away from on Tuesday. The Reggae Girlz are going to be very desperate as they are losing the aggregate by two goals.

This is what Priestman said about the team’s performance against Jamaica at Independence Park:

“I thought today we got a good balance of both where we manage moments, but we also brought our quality I think we want to go to Toronto and put on a good show but get the job done.”

This was clearly seen with Prince’s goal, where Canada took their moment and scored on their first opportunity after defending a lot to start the game.

All To Play for At BMO Field

BMO Field is no stranger to big games for Canadian soccer. From the Alphonso Davies highlight-reel goal against Panama to the CanMNT qualifying for the FIFA World Cup for the first time in 36 years, the CanWNT now have a chance to create their own history.

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The game between both teams will start at 7:00 p.m. ET at BMO Field. It will be shown live on OneSoccer on Tuesday. The last time, the Canadian women’s soccer team played at BMO Field was a scoreless draw last year against South Korea.


Photo Credit: Canada Soccer EN Twitter Account and Canada Soccer FR Twitter Account on September 22, 2023.


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