Houston Dynamo vs Colorado Rapids Preview: A Match Of Emotions

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PREVIEW (September 8, 2017) – The Houston Dynamo are scheduled to play their first game since Hurricane Harvey made landfall tomorrow. They will host the Colorado Rapids at 7:30 PM CST at BBVA Compass Stadium. This will be a battle of emotions and more than soccer for both sides.

Houston Dynamo vs Colorado Rapids Preview: A Match Of Emotions

Houston are in a playoff position in September for the first time in months. They’ve only won one of their last five games though, and they’ll be playing for more than themselves tomorrow.

On the other side, the Rapids are bottom of the Western Conference and have lost four in a row. They’re still recovering from a coach firing a few weeks ago. They’re building for 2018 at this point.

From The Houston Perspective And #HoustonStrong:

The Dynamo are having a bounce back season in their first year under Head Coach Wilmer Cabrera. They’re in the playoff hunt and have several young exciting attacking players. Houston will be playing with heavy hearts though, as much of the city and residents are still recovering from the destruction of Hurricane Harvey. Water levels haven’t full receded and many residents are still without utilities and critical supplies.

The country and the sports community as a whole have come together to support the people of Houston, including the Rapids. Erik Torres and company have a chance to provide a much needed distraction from the reality of the situation. They need a win to stay above the red line, but even more so, they need a win to lift the spirits of the city.

From The Rapids Perspective:

The Rapids have lost four in a row. They have not won a game since their July 1st match (against the Houston Dynamo). Interim Head Coach Steve Cooke has helped the offense with his 4-3-3, but it just hasn’t been good enough. This is a struggling team who have had a disappointing season. It is going to take a miracle for them to make the playoffs. That miracle is going to have to start this weekend (and will probably be several weeks late).

At worst, this season is about building for 2018. Much of the roster could be playing for their jobs down the stretch. The Rapids Way is likely to undergo a serious makeover this off-season. The offense will need to show a heartbeat in this game. Houston will be playing for the city while Colorado might be playing for their livelihoods.

Last Word:

Houston have been one of the best teams at home in MLS. Colorado on the other side are one of just two teams who have not won a road game in league play. On paper, this looks like an easy Dynamo win against a team that’s a wounded animal. Emotions change things up though. Dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey could be a distraction. It could be further motivation for the club. How they use those feels will be key.

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