World Tag League News: Dragon Lee, Jon Moxley & Who Won

The finals of the World Tag League are one of the last stops on the road to WrestleKingdom.  2019’s edition has proven to be no different as both Jon Moxley and hot free agent Dragon Lee, now known as Ryu Lee, made appearances to set up WrestleKingdom Matches. Ryu Lee Challenges Jyushin Liger 「最後にアナタと闘いたい‼️」ドラゴン・リー(@dragonlee95 )改め"リュウ・リー"がライガーへVTRメッセージ🇲🇽‼️そしてライガーが広島のファンに感謝のメッセージ✨‼️登録&視聴▷ […] READ MORE