NJPW World Tag League 2021 Primer


World Tag League arrives this Saturday as New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) brings a mix of their best teams and unique alliances together for another exciting year of tag team wrestling. Much like the Best of the Super Juniors this year, it will be 12 teams in one block. They will compete for an IWGP […] READ MORE

World Tag League News: Dragon Lee, Jon Moxley & Who Won

The finals of the World Tag League are one of the last stops on the road to WrestleKingdom.  2019’s edition has proven to be no different as both Jon Moxley and hot free agent Dragon Lee, now known as Ryu Lee, made appearances to set up WrestleKingdom Matches. Ryu Lee Challenges Jyushin Liger 「最後にアナタと闘いたい‼️」ドラゴン・リー(@dragonlee95 )改め"リュウ・リー"がライガーへVTRメッセージ🇲🇽‼️そしてライガーが広島のファンに感謝のメッセージ✨‼️登録&視聴▷https://t.co/Tj7UBJ4PjP#njwtl […] READ MORE

Preview: NJPW New Beginning In USA Nashville (2/2/19)


The Nashville, Tennessee card from the NJPW New Beginning In USA tour may not be as stacked as the recent lineups, there is a good chance fans walk away impressed by wrestlers they never had a whole lot of interest in before. The NJPW LA Dojo competitors are in full-force for these events in America […] READ MORE

Preview: NJPW New Beginning In USA Charlotte (2/1/19)


Many NJPW faithful and new fans alike have been very harsh about the booking for the NJPW New Beginning In USA tour for New Japan Pro Wrestling featuring too many Gaijin competitors and not enough of the bread and butter of the company. The New Beginning Tour kicks off in Sapporo on February 1 so […] READ MORE

The 50 Best Matches Of 2018: Part 1


Every month, our own Dan Niles compiles his personal 20 Best Matches list from around the world, from North America to Europe to Japan. Now he recaps the 50 Best Matches of the entire year that’s come and gone. Some are obvious best matches choices, some are dark horses, but they’re always fun to find […] READ MORE

#NewJapanWeek Preview: NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 (1/4/19)


New Japan Pro Wrestling is the only wrestling company in the world to set their biggest event of the year at the beginning of January, it’s become a staple of NJPW to feature the best matches possible and the Winter events have led up to an outstanding Wrestle Kingdom 13 card. Surprise title changes happened […] READ MORE