Booyaka Booyaka 619: 30 Years of Rey Mysterio


Today is the 30th Anniversary of Rey Mysterio’s debut into professional wrestling, as he continues to carry on his legacy of not only the greatest luchador of all time but quite possibly the greatest wrestler to ever dawn a mask in the world of pro wrestling. The impact Rey Mysterio has had on pro wrestling […] READ MORE

RAW Superstar Shake-Up Results

With RAW’s side of the Superstar Shake-Up taking place tonight, we will take a look at all of the Superstars that make the jump to RAW. The Miz The A-Lister revived his career on SmackDownLIVE and comes to RAW as a hot babyface.  With his feud with Shane McMahon probably over now Miz can move […] READ MORE

A Journey into Mystery: The Legacy of the Rey Mysterio Name


One of the biggest names in the latino heritage in wrestling comes from the lucha tradition in the name of Rey Misterio. The rise of the young star from San Diego, widely known as Rey Mysterio in WWE, is very well known by the fans, but, did you all know that there are several luchadores […] READ MORE