#AndNEW: Hikari Noa Wins International Princess Championship


During Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling’s Yes! Wonderland 2021 on March 4th, Up Up Girl’s Hikari Noa won her first championship in TJPW by defeating Yuki Kamifuku for the International Princess Championship.  Hikari Noa got the pin on Yuki Kamifuku after hitting her Blizzard Suplex. This is the first time that the two have met in […] READ MORE

#AndNEW: Maki Itoh Wins International Princess Championship

Maki Itoh became the third International Princess champion in the title’s short lifespan at TJP My Life: Let’s Enjoy!! when she defeated Yuna Manase to win the championship.  Manase won the championship under rather unfortunate circumstances so it’s likely the move was made to get the title back onto someone TJPW wanted to push. https://twitter.com/tde_wrestling/status/1185417718943666177 Maki Itoh is […] READ MORE