Puerto Rico

Invader 1 Jose Gonzalez
AB Morales - May 1, 2022

As previously reported, the 76-year-old Puertorican pro wrestler, Manuel Huertas Gonzalez, better known as Invader #1 has defeated Manny Ferno to become the 80th IWA World Champion. This is his first time holding the championship after various stints with the company dating back to 2003. He has won the WWC Universal Championship in the past. […]

NJPW at 50
Jamie Greer - Jan 13, 2022

On January 13, 2022, New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) officially celebrates its 50 year anniversary as a pro wrestling company, founded on that day in 1972 by legendary puroresu great, Antonio Inoki. Inoki, one of the star pupils of the father of puroresu, Rikidōzan, created NJPW after departing Rikidōzan’s Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance (JWA) in controversy the […]

cwa-logo-tv debut
AB Morales - Dec 15, 2021

The season is pretty much over for Puerto Rico as all but one company in the island have held their “season finale” events. While other countries always run full-year, the island has always had the unwritten rule, even in its golden years, of not running events into the Christmas season and not coming back until […]

Carlos Calderon Wins Title
AB Morales - Dec 5, 2021

A lot of re-shuffling has taken place in the ‘100 x 35 Mile Island’ as many title changes have taken place in a short span of time. Two potential company aces have been crowned under less than ideal circumstances, but as these reigns begin and 2021 draws into its final weeks, it makes 2022 look […]

IWA Hardcore Weekend 2021
AB Morales - Nov 22, 2021

November 20 has passed and there’s loads of good news coming out of it. IWA, WWC & LAWE had their events with varying levels of success but with big news coming out of all of them. Let’s see what’s going on in Puerto Rico this week. Puerto Rico News Report #4 – LAWE, IWA, WWC, […]

IWA Hardcore Weekend 2021
AB Morales - Nov 19, 2021

IWA Puerto Rico prepares itself to go at it again on live pay-per-view with IWA Hardcore Weekend 2021. The company is already making moves before the first bell sounds for the event with their promised 24/7 rule. The event is scheduled for this Saturday, November 20th with an 8 PM AST (7 PM EST) start […]

Andrade El Idolo Lucha Bros Puerto Rico
AB Morales - Nov 16, 2021

November 20th is the big date for the island of Puerto Rico with multiple cards announced. We also look ahead as many companies announce big future events with prominent names attached. Primarily, for the first time, All Elite Wrestling contracted wrestlers will come to the island. Danny Limelight and Daniel Garcia did come and work […]

cwa-logo-tv debut
AB Morales - Nov 9, 2021

This was a week of ups and downs for wrestling in Puerto Rico as one company makes a big stride into TV, another faces problems that are completely outside of their control that greatly affects their TV. One company announces great ticket sales. Another has great problems with them and doesn’t seem too keen on […]

CWA Logo Marty Scurll
AB Morales - Oct 31, 2021

Hello and welcome to may be a weekly column rounding out what happens in Puerto Rico’s wrestling scene. While the island may not be the major territory it used to be all the way to the 2000s, it is still a very active territory that always tends to have something worth talking about. My name […]

Jacob Fatu Appearing at Golpe De Estado
AB Morales - Oct 15, 2021

It took a while to confirm, but IWA’s annual big show of the year, ‘Golpe De Estado’ (Spanish for ‘Coup D’Etat’), is coming to iPay-Per-View this Saturday, October 16, in a card that will showcase the current state of wrestling. The level of interest fans have, how a company can showcase it’s best card in […]

CWA Logo Marty Scurll
AB Morales - Sep 26, 2021

This past Tuesday, Puerto Rico-based company CWA announced that Marty Scurll will be a part of their upcoming October 23 event, Halloween Fan Fest. This is despite the strong allegations waged against the former PROGRESS World Champion; allegations that went completely unmentioned by Puerto Rico’s leading wrestling news sites Lucha Libre Online & Contralona. This author, […]

LAWE Wrestling
AB Morales - Sep 3, 2021

Puerto Rico’s landscape continues to stay in flux as the newly created Latin American Wrestling Entertainment is reported to have failed its attempt at purchasing the near 50-year-old legendary territory of the island, World Wrestling Council. It is already showing a massive crack as the very family that started it “revolutionize” the business opts to […]

IWA Summer Attitude Richard Holliday Mr Big Savio Vega
AB Morales - Aug 8, 2021

Following their very successful pre-taped iPPV debut this past Saturday, IWA Puerto Rico wasted no time in announcing their follow-up. Summer Attitude is recognized as one of the IWA’s hallmark events from its heyday in the early 2000s. IWA Summer Attitude is also scheduled to be the first show for any major wrestling promotion on […]

LAWE Wrestling
AB Morales - Aug 8, 2021

The speculation regarding WWC & LAWE on the island of Puerto Rico continues. This past Friday, WWC took down all of their content from their YouTube channel, as usual, with no explanation offered. On their Facebook page, they promoted their one and only first-run program for the past 3 months, “La Descarga Del Wizard” (The […]

Wrestling Machina poster
AB Morales - Jul 28, 2021

The Puertorican wrestling school/promotion Espiritu Pro Wrestling Dojo has been showcasing events since this past December. On April, the promotion ran it’s first Pay-Per-View event titled “Espiritu De Lucha” headlined by the school’s head trainer Mike Mendoza facing AEW Dark & NJPW Strong regular Danny Limelight. After a near dozen events, the company has announced […]

CWA Aniversario
AB Morales - Jul 27, 2021

Puerto Rico’s CWA was deprived of celebrating their 12th Anniversary last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was the first time the company missed an Anniversary show despite all the natural disasters that have plagued the island of Puerto Rico in the last 4 years (Hurricane Maria, the early 2020 earthquakes & the COVID-19 […]

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AEW Rampage Spoilers - Young Bucks in action graphic

Ordinarily, after AEW Dynamite there is a taping for that week’s edition of AEW Rampage. As it is Double or Nothing week that is not the case this time around as AEW Rampage will take place LIVE on Friday night at a special starting time of 6:30pm est. While we do not have AEW Rampage […]

WWE Velocity Logo
Laurence Gibbons - May 1, 2022

WWE Velocity aired for the first time on TNN 20 years ago today (May 25). WWE Velocity was a second show for the SmackDown brand and aired from the iconic big fist set. The landscape of the WWE has changed a lot since then. Velocity was a new enhancement talent show similar to Sunday Night […]

GCW Downward Spiral

As part of the Full Tilt Weekend Collective, Game Changer Wrestling returns to Las Vegas, Nevada for GCW Downward Spiral. This promises to be an exciting event, though it’s fair to assume that the old adage of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” need not apply here. There will be plenty of returning GCW […]

Warrior Wrestling Jeff Cobb vs JONAH
Dominic P (Editor) - May 1, 2022

Match Point is an ongoing series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. At Warrior Wrestling 22 JONAH takes on Jeff Cobb. Let’s take a closer look. At Warrior Wrestling 24 in Collinsville Illinois […]

AEW Dynamite Double or Nothing Go Home Show
Michael Joseph Sugue - May 1, 2022

All Elite Wrestling is finally back in the “Sin City” Las Vegas, Nevada to commemorate the third anniversary of the inaugural Double or Nothing on this week’s AEW Dynamite.  Over the past three years, AEW has given its #AllElite fans some of the most memorable matches and moments ever to happen in the world of […]

AEW Dark Feat Lee Moriarty vs Alan 5 Angels
JW Kirkland - May 1, 2022

AEW Dark has a stacked line-up with nine total matches scheduled. Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero are back in tag team action as they take on The Wingmen’s Ryan Nemeth and “Pretty” Peter Avalon. Robyn Renegade and Vicky Dreamboat go head to head, with one competitor guaranteed to score their first victory inside an AEW […]

The Judgment Day Stable WWE
Laurence Gibbons - May 1, 2022

Edge has been teasing new followers joining his Judgment Day faction on Twitter and WWE Raw. We look at who will join The Judgment Day next in WWE. This group has become one of the most interesting additions to Raw since its inception at WrestleMania. The Judgment Day in WWE The Faction So Far Edge’s […]

Evolution Girls

All Japan Pro Wrestling legend and backstage worker Suwama has announced that he will be helping to launch a new all women’s promotion called Evolution. The group is not officially affiliated with AJPW but Suwama notes that the two groups will have a healthy relationship and the Evolution talent is aiming to be unveiled at […]