Koji Iwamoto Leaving All Japan Pro Wrestling
Michael Hymantor - Dec 6, 2021

By the end of this year, All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) is going to be down three major players. Zeus, Naoya Nomura, and the now, Koji Iwamoto will all leave All Japan Pro Wrestling by year’s end. 諏訪魔さん、本当にありがとうございます。 退団したいと会社に伝えた時に真っ先に電話をくれて最後まで引き留めてくれたのが諏訪魔さんでした。 諏訪魔さんには本当にお世話になり感謝しかありません。 また色々なところに飲みに行きましょう!🍻沖縄で一緒に吐くまで飲んだのは良き思い出です笑 https://t.co/Haf97BmFJe — 岩本 煌史【KOJI IWAMOTO】 (@k_i_prowrestler) December 6, 2021 Koji Iwamoto is considered the […]

Jake Lee vs Kento Miyahara AJPW Champions Night 2
Michael Hymantor - Oct 15, 2021

All Japan Pro Wrestling is a promotion defined by its rivalries of the changing tides of pro wrestling. Mitsuharu Misawa vs Jumbo Tsuruta and Kento Miyahara vs Suwama are just a few of these rivalries. One of the more recent rivalries is Jake Lee vs Kento Miyahara. At Champions Night 2, Jake Lee will defend […]

AJPW 49th Anniversary Champions Night 2
Michael Hymantor - Sep 24, 2021

All Japan Pro Wrestling is celebrating the AJPW 49th anniversary with its upcoming tour. This tour will feature multiple events, with the main attraction being Champions Night 2 on October 16. Let’s get into the title matches we will be seeing in this tour. 【10.16大田区大会情報】 全対戦カード決定🎊 「2021 Champions Night 2~全日本プロレス49周年記念大会~」🗓10月16日(土) 16:00開始東京・大田区総合体育館 🔶4大タイトルマッチ開催決定 🔻全対戦カードはこちら🔻https://t.co/3bykYT2dFv#ajpw #ajpw49th pic.twitter.com/Qy148Vzd3O […]

Real World Tag League 2021
Michael Hymantor - Sep 21, 2021

At the recent All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) show, AJPW announced the lineup for the Real World Tag League 2021. This year’s tournament is completely different from previous years with 4 blocks of talent for the tournament that starts on November 13th. Let’s get into the participants are for this tournament. Real World Tag League […]

Jake Lee vs Suwama AJPW Super Deluxe Series 2021
Michael Hymantor - Sep 20, 2021

All Japan Pro Wrestling’s (AJPW) upcoming show is the climax of the AJPW Super Deluxe Series 2021. This is a tour of shows that already featured two title changes in the tag team divisions. In the singles division, a story months in the making reaches to its conclusion as Jake Lee defends the Triple Crown […]

AJPW Super Deluxe Series 2021
Michael Hymantor - Sep 20, 2021

The next All Japan Pro Wrestling show marks the end of the AJPW Super Deluxe Series 2021. This show features three major matches that could decide the future of All Japan Pro Wrestling’s top belts of the junior and heavyweight divisions. AJPW Super Deluxe Series 2021 Full Card Shuji Ishikawa, Takao Omori and Black Menso-re […]

Michael Hymantor - Sep 7, 2021

All Japan Pro Wrestling has recently started the AJPW SUPER DELUXE SERIES with its first event this morning. It featured three title matches, with two seeing championships changing hands. Let’s get into the news at hand. Titles Change Hands at AJPW SUPER DELUXE SERIES 【全日本】ゼウス&イザナギ陥落 T-Hawk&リンダマンがアジアタッグ初戴冠https://t.co/JSQnNJ9dmY#ajpw#GLEAT#STRONGHEARTS pic.twitter.com/GeNQSDnR3y — プロレス/格闘技DX編集部 (@PKDX) September 7, 2021 El Lindaman […]

AJPW Super Deluxe Series
Michael Hymantor - Sep 5, 2021

On the upcoming All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) show, AJPW starts the 2021 SUPER DELUXE SERIES tour. This tour features five events, with the two major events being September 7th and September 21st. Today, we will be previewing the September 7th show. Full Card Akira Francesco vs. Rising HAYATO Shuji Ishikawa and Kohei Sato vs. […]

Michael Hymantor - Aug 30, 2021

All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) recently ended the Royal Road Tournament, a tournament that was won by Suwama. With this victory, he received a title shot at the next major show on the promotion’s calendar: the AJPW 2021 SUPER DELUXE SERIES. The marquee events for this tour are on September 7 and 21, with 3 […]

Suwama Wins Royal Road 2021
Michael Hymantor - Aug 29, 2021

After a long month for the All Japan Pro Wrestling product, the Royal Road Tournament has come to an end with an official winner. The tournament came down to a final four of Suwama, Kento Miyahara, Jake Lee, and Shotaro Ashino. It was Suwama who came away with the win to claim the trophy. Suwama […]

Royal Road 2021
Michael Hymantor - Aug 24, 2021

All Japan Pro Wrestling recently finished up with the quarter-finals of the Royal Road Tournament. The next show will be the conclusion of said tournament, as it will feature the semi-finals and eventual finals of the tournament. Let’s take another look at everything that has happened so far and how it rounds up into this […]

Royal Road 2021
Michael Hymantor - Aug 19, 2021

All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW)’s Royal Road Tournament is almost over, with just two events left. This upcoming show on August 24 will feature the third round of action, specifically the Royal Road quarter-final. Let’s take a look at everything that has happened so far and how this upcoming round is shaping up. Results from […]

Royal Road 2021
Michael Hymantor - Aug 16, 2021

All Japan Pro Wrestling’s (AJPW) Royal Road has officially started with the first two events to decide who’s going into the second round of this tournament.  Let’s take a look at how that second round is shaping up after the first day of action Results from Day 1 (Afternoon Show) Shuji Ishikawa def. Jun Saito […]

AJPW Dream Power Series
Michael Hymantor - Jul 27, 2021

Factions in All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) have become more commonplace as the years go by. With the roster constantly involving, there is no time more appropriate to discuss the factions of All Japan. Here are the ones to know. AJPW: The Factions NEXTREAM Members Kento Miyahara (Leader) Yuma Aoyagi Atsuki Aoyagi Rising HAYATO NEXTREAM […]

Jake Lee vs. Shotaro Ashino
Michael Hymantor - Jul 22, 2021

AJPW (All Japan Pro Wrestling) recently finished its SUMMER ACTION SERIES. A tour that featured many surprises in the title scene, while also being a precursor event to the upcoming Royal Road Tournament. THE SUMMER ACTION SERIES featured four title matches, with two of the titles changing hands. Yoshitatsu, Carbel Ito and  Seigo Tachibana win […]

Jake Lee vs. Shotaro Ashino
Michael Hymantor - Jul 21, 2021

All Japan Pro Wrestling‘s (AJPW) summer is coming to a climax with the upcoming finale of the SUMMER ACTION SERIES. This show will feature multiple title matches. The main event is especially notable, as it’s a story one month in the making. This will be a Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship defense featuring the defending champion, […]

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WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Poster
Niklas George - Jul 21, 2021

In what might have been the most obvious possible prediction ahead of the 2023 Royal Rumble pay per view, Cody Rhodes has won the 2023 edition of the Men’s Royal Rumble match – the first time he has done so – and has further solidified his standing as one of the WWE‘s top names in […]

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Poster
Niklas George - Jul 21, 2021

WWE‘s much beloved Royal Rumble event is starting in just a few hours. As is the case with any event – whether predetermined or otherwise – betting odds do change regularly up until the very moment said event takes place and Royal Rumble 2023 has been no different (you can find our previous article on […]

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Poster
Laurence Gibbons - Jul 21, 2021

The anticipation ahead of the Men’s 2023 Royal Rumble is hot. Cody Rhodes will return. Sami Zayn might be in the match, leading to the next twist in his relationship with The Bloodline. Then, there’s the potentially blind hope that The Rock will return, plus the desire for shock appearances from New Japan Pro-Wrestling stars. […]

Asuka Wins First Womens Royal Rumble

Established in 1988, the Royal Rumble match is regarded as one of the most anticipated bouts among wrestling fans. From the mystery of guessing which participant will enter next to seeing who eliminates the most competitors, it’s easy to see why the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event is many fans’ favorite of the year. However, prior […]

WWE SmackDown 1-27-23

It’s time for the go-home SmackDown with the upcoming Royal Rumble event on January 28th just two days away. And as such, WWE is trying to wrap up several storylines leading into the marquee premium live event so that they can press somewhat of a hard reset leading up to WrestleMania. It is anyone’s guess […]

Surprises for the 2023 Womens Royal Rumble
Laurence Gibbons - Jul 21, 2021

Multiple surprises are set for the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble match, this Saturday (January 27). So far, WWE has only released the names of seven of the 30 competitors for the match. This leaves plenty of room for surprise appearances. Here, we take a look at who could be one of the surprises set for […]

AEW Rampage spoilers - image of Jamie Hayter with Bea Priestley as tag champion of Stardom
AB Morales - Jul 21, 2021

AEW continues its week in the Rupp Arena of Lexington, KY. A very well-known location for wrestling fans. The state of Kentucky rather famously very much enforced a “no bleeding” rule via its athletic commission which the WWE violated in 2006. This resulted in a 3-year ban from running events in the state. This came […]

AEW to be featured at upfronts
William Alicea - Jul 21, 2021

All Elite Wrestling continues to expand its viewing across more markets around the world as the company has announced a multi-year agreement with DAZN to air its shows across the continents of Europe and Asia. DAZN, one of the leading sports streaming services which airs live premium content such as Boxing, Soccer to name a […]