Why Sting Should Get a Shot at MJF

One of the highlights of the April 12th episode of Dynamite was Sting‘s promo on MJF. While the Icon doesn’t cut too many promos, especially these days, he definitely showed why he’s one of the all-time greats with this speech. After throwing a bunch of pom-poms at the AEW World Champion – to show that he’s a “cheerleader” for Darby Allin, of course – Sting, went on to insult MJF, telling him he’s sick of him and how he’s acting.

He even referenced Cody, a man who, before returning to WWE and losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, helped bring MJF into AEW. Of course, Max turned on Cody and cost him the AEW title at Full Gear 2019, so this wasn’t just a chance to mention Cody, but a shot at MJF as well. MJF has previously claimed that he didn’t need a legend by his side to succeed in wrestling, and here Sting pointed out that he definitely did. Plus, reminding people of this lie also reminds them of Max’s heelish ways, since he turned on his friend Cody to jumpstart his AEW career.

Should Sting Get a Shot at MJF?

Now, since, in Sting’s own words, “Showtime is almost over”, it makes sense to give Sting a shot at the AEW World Title. Yes, he said that he doesn’t have a hunger or thirst for the title, but he should be given a shot anyway.

Sting is a legend. He’s a legend who has been treated well in AEW and is respected throughout the industry. He’s a legend who, despite going on a relatively ill-fated WWE run years ago, generally made his name outside of Vince McMahon’s company. He was synonymous with WCW for quite some time, and he’s still the man who most people think of when they think of WCW stars. He also had a lengthy and successful run in TNA.

During his Hall of Fan career, he has been NWA World Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He even challenged for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, losing to Seth Rollins and suffering an injury that looked to be career-ending at the time.

But he’s never been AEW World Champion. He’s never even challenged for it. It would be a shame if Sting’s career ended without him getting a shot.

While Sting certainly wants Darby Allin to become AEW World Champion, that doesn’t mean he can’t get a shot himself. And it doesn’t mean he has to split from Darby Allin to do it. Perhaps Sting could get a shot before Allin does. It’s not hard to see MJF wanting to humiliate Darby by challenging Sting in hopes of destroying him in a match. It’s also not hard to see Darby getting a shot, losing by shenanigans, and Sting coming in to save the day, setting up a match between him and MJF.

Should Sting win? That’s debatable, but his winning would be great. It would certainly be very cool for AEW and for the Stinger himself if he won the title. It would cap off his career and it would let AEW add a certified legend to the lineage of the championship.

Imagine MJF screwing Darby in a title match, leading to a match between MJF and Sting. Darby Allin could come out to “even the odds” in that and stop Friedman from using the Dynamite Diamond Ring or some other object, allowing Sting to get the victory. Would it be a long reign? No, of course not. He could lose it almost immediately. The point is that he should get it.

However, even if he didn’t win the title, it would still be very cool to see him challenge for it. While he’s said that he doesn’t want to do a singles match, he could always change his mind. Remember, a few years ago he said that he’d never wrestle again. This is wrestling and anything can happen. The fact that AEW has some big events coming up that they would really like to sell a lot of tickets to certainly strengthens the case to give Sting a shot at the belt. Who wouldn’t tune in or spend money to see Sting face MJF one-on-one for AEW’s biggest prize?

It makes business sense for Sting to face MJF. It makes storyline sense as well. Plus, we all know that Tony Khan is a lover of wrestling history. He would likely jump at the chance to honor Sting in this way while also elevating the AEW World Championship. Sting deserves it, the fans would want to see it, and it should happen.

After all, he said himself that he still has “a little Joker” left in him.

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