Actual Food & Former WWE Star Set For EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch

EFFYs Big Gay Brunch

Actual brunch will be served at EFFYs Big Gay Brunch 6, this year (April 1, 2023) at the Ukrainian Culture Center in LA.

The previous five shows have certainly been big and gay. EFFY has always been involved but they’ve been light on the snacks. No longer will the brunch be metaphorical. 

EFFY addressed this on Twitter and confirmed that Mexican breakfast burritos and tacos will be served alongside mimosas.


It will be the sixth iteration of EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch. The show traditionally takes place on the morning of WWE WrestleMania. It features LGBTQ+ performers. EFFY and his tag team partner Allie Katch will be in action at Big Gay Brunch 6. 

WWE Stars Performing At EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch 

Fred Rosser – formerly Darren Young in WWE – will take on Karam at the show. Rosser was the first wrestler to come out as gay while signed to a WWE contract in 2013. 

Steph De Lander – formerly Persia Pirotta in WWE NXT – will also compete. De Lander will go one-on-one with Sandra Moone. 

An East team of Ashton Starr, B3cca, Rico Gonzalez, Aaron Rourke, and Dillon McQueen will take on a West team of Da Shade, Abigail Warren, Anton Voorhees, and Money Power Respect w/ Pollo Del Mar.

Kidd Bandit will face Sawyer Wreck and Carlos Romo will fight Devon Monroe.

More matches are set to be announced for the show which is part of GCW/ The Collective.

EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch UK 

Meanwhile, the seventh Big Gay Brunch will take place in Liverpool during Eurovision weekend (May 12, 2023). British wrestling legend Kendo Nagasaki is set to appear.

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