Pro Wrestling Veteran Ricky Reyes Retires

Ricky Reyes retires

Pro wrestler Ricky Reyes announced on his personal Twitter account that as of right now, he is retiring from the pro wrestling business in order to focus on raising his son. Debuting in 1997, Ricky Reyes is a noted wrestler on the independent level that has competed all around the world and competed for a vast array of wrestling promotions.

Ricky Reyes Retires

Ricky Reyes’ most notable stint in pro wrestling came as a part of Lucha Underground from 2014 to 2019 where he was known as Cortez Castro. He competed on the very first match of the TV series and would be a regular part of the show all the way to its conclusion where his character was killed off by Matanza.

Reyes’ first major exposure came as a part of a tag team for Ring Of Honor. Alongside Rocky Romero, they were known as The Havana Pitbulls and were quickly paired up with Homicide as the designated tag team for the stable The Rottweilers. Alongside Homicide they competed as a trio and won a Trios Tournament in ROH in 2005.

Ricky Reyes has also been a part of New Japan as well as CMLL during his time teaming with Rocky Romero. He’s also seen success on his own, winning a variety of independent promotional titles. He also had a successful stint for Puerto Rico’s World Wrestling Council (WWC) in 2009 where he was a 2 time Jr. Heavyweight Champion and has wrestled for other companies on the island.

Ricky Reyes is an underrated hero from the growing days of the modern independent scene of pro wrestling and the early days of Ring Of Honor. We salute him for his wonderful career and leaving on his own terms for a very endearing cause.

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