A Chat With The S.A.T.

Over two decades ago, a tag team appeared on the independent scene that would change the face of professional wrestling forever. Wrestling was a different animal back then, but this team took it upon themselves to create something memorable and different. They set out to reinvent much of what the industry was doing in their own unique way. This team is known as The S.A.T. (Spanish Announce Team). They have been very busy the last few months with shows; building their own promotion from the ground up and dealing with some messy gimmick infringement issues (because they didn’t have enough on their plates already). Even with all of that going on, they were kind enough to take some time to speak with LWOS Pro Wrestling about everything going on in their lives.

KD: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. I know you guys have been busy these last few months. Let’s start with a bit of an introduction to fans who may not be familiar with you. How long have you guys been in the business and what got you interested in wrestling in the first place?

SAT: “Our family wrestling name is Maximo: Joel, Jose and Wil Maximo also known as the S.A.T. alongside Skillz the Great (Cousin) and the Spot Monkeys. We have been wrestling now for over 22 years and fell in love with the business when we were kids in Puerto Rico. We were 9 years old, or so, watching WCW and WWF at the time. It made us fans right away.”

KD: You are known for your innovative move set. How did you come up with your style?

SAT: “We have always been very innovative since we were kids. We made our own tree house made of wood and PVC pipe with a slide down 25 ft from the ground at the age of 11. We were blessed in our very hard and physical training to have freedom to create our training sessions after class was finished. Mikey Whipwreck trained us to be fearless and creative with our moves when we trained and then we would wait for him to leave and sneak in to continue training until two in the morning. There, we put ourselves in the mindset to be different from the rest of the world in professional wrestling. Joel, Jose & Amazing Red alongside Chris Divine & Quiet Storm. Then, later on, Brian XL & Wil Maximo at the ECW House of Hardcore in Long Island. We were the last ECW trainees. We created moves such as Spanish Fly, Canadian Destroyer, Tower of Doom, Tope DDT, Powerbomb to the knees (SATBomb), Washing Machine, Red Swipe, Doomsday DDT, and many more you see now on TV around the world.”

KD: The last time I got a chance to see you in action was back at CZW: The Arrival where you faced CMD in an incredible trios match. What was it like coming back to the Combat Zone and what did you take away from that match?

SAT: “Coming back to CZW was an honor, man. We feel like Cage of Death 3 put us on the map with that iconic trios match we had at the ECW Arena SAT VS Divine Storm & BXL. Wrestling against our brothers Lince Dorado, DeSean Pratt and Boom Harden couldn’t have been a better homecoming for us. They are tremendous talents and all three men were very humble by being in the ring with us old men. CZW is awesome always has been.”

KD: With CMD winning the CZW World Tag Team Championships recently, do you have any thoughts about potentially returning once again to challenge for those titles?

SAT: “CMD better keep winning. Sooner or later, we are coming back for that match. They will be great champions.”

KD: Not long after that match, we started to see AEW begin to promote a new faction of Angelico, Serpentico and Luther: the Spanish Announce Project (S.A.P.). I know that didn’t sit well with you guys. Care to elaborate on it and share your thoughts and side of the story?

SAT: “Our CZW Return was when we found out about this bogus gimmick. Serpentico, from that team, asked us for permission and our blessings for this gimmick before it aired. We said ‘no’ and they still did it and the next day trademarked the name. We were told by a friend who is contracted by AEW that this was done with intentions of using our historical run to elevate those three scrubs on our family’s back. They want SAP chants to mirror our SAT chants and continue to do so very much.”

KD: What have you done to try and stop AEW’s use of the name and gimmick and how is that going for you?

SAT: “We can’t speak on the moves we making to stop AEW from continuing to use this bogus gimmick, but we won’t shut our mouths and we will continue to fight for our history and our legacy. We are very emotional about it! Some will never understand it is not about us wanting to wrestle three guys that can’t even lace our boots, but we are fighting this out of love for this amazing sport and the work we’ve put in for so many years!”

KD: On top of all of that, you guys have been busy promoting your company Wrestling is Now (WIN). What brought that on?

SAT: “Wrestling is Now will be the top promotion in the North East within the next few months. It is a company built by my family and a group of super talented wrestlers who will show up and show out. Guys and girls who deserve better. It will be the promotion that will encourage and welcome the different in our sport.”

KD: On March 31st, you will be presenting The Big Fight. What can people expect to see from WIN at that show?

SAT: “WIN is in the hands of one of the most innovative and creative minds of our generation and the next in Paul Lauria – he is an ECW Legend and one of our mentors.  The guy who put us on the Spanish announce table in 1999 when we became The S.A.T. without doubt! So prepare for some fun, as well as an innovative way of pro wrestling.”

KD: Will WIN always do shows at the same place or will you be touring?  If you are taking this show on the road, what cities can look forward to seeing some action?

SAT: “WIN will be on tour. We are looking to run all over the states. Current dates for WIN are March 31st in New Jersey, May 18th in Long Island and June 16th in New Jersey, so far.”

KD: Is there anything else you would like to share with the fans before we wrap this up?

SAT: “Last thing is this with The S.A.T. We will make sure we carry the greats of our sport in our world of tag team wrestling in our shows, in our hearts, and in our thoughts. Jay Briscoe (Dem Boyz) & Trent Acid (Backseat Boys). The S.A.T. are the last of that generation… The Holy Trinity of tag team wrestling. Much love to all my friends, to you and to our wrestling fans from all around the world. We won’t let you down!”

A huge thank you to The S.A.T. for taking the time to fill us in on what’s been going on with them. Be sure to follow SAT Maximo Bros and Wrestling Is Now on Facebook to keep up with everything going on with the guys and the new company.

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