Wrestling Meccas: The Manhattan Center (Grand & Hammerstein Ballroom)


Wrestling Meccas is a series of features at Last Word on Pro Wrestling that looks at the history of some of professional wrestling’s most iconic venues, from large stadiums to small indie havens. This edition looks at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, New York, and its wrestling history from the original home of Monday Night […] READ MORE

Analysis: Why Does WWE Have So Many Championships?


In professional wrestling, titles are often sought after by all who enter the industry. As Arn Anderson once famously stated, “championship gold serves as an avenue for building professional wrestling stars and having those stars represent your brand.” There is no doubt that people heavily associate wrestlers like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock […] READ MORE

A&E Biography – Mick Foley: What We Learned


The A&E Network series Biography is featuring a number of professional wrestlers on its show. This week, the featured wrestler was the “Hardcore Legend”, Mick Foley. Foley went from filming matches in his backyard to becoming the WWF (WWE) World Champion. However, there is much that is not known about Mick. This week, viewers learned […] READ MORE

No One Epitomized ECW More than New Jack


Casual viewers of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), or people who never actually watched the promotion, believe that ECW was only about violence. However, true fans of ECW knew that the company was about much more. ECW was about work rate and realism. No one worked harder, gave more, or was more real than New Jack. […] READ MORE

Former ECW Star New Jack Passes Away at 58

PWInsider reported that, earlier today, Jerome Young AKA New Jack passed away. Multiple additional sources, including the official New Jack Facebook page and his wife, Jennifer, confirmed the news. It was learned that he suffered a heart attack, in North Carolina, at the age of 58. New Jack’s wrestling career began in 1992, having trained […] READ MORE