Christmas Wrestling Merch You Have To See

Christmas Wrestling Merch - Cursemas jumper

Crack out a candy cane, pour an eggnog and prepare to fell festive. As we gift you an essential guide to Christmas wrestling merch. Some weird. Some wonderful. We’ll let you decide! 

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Flatlining Santa Shirt 

When looking for some Christmas wrestling merch. What better than a t-shirt of Chris Kanyon flatlining Santa? 

Kanyon appeared wearing a T-shirt depicting himself hitting Santa with his finisher on the Dec 21, 1998 episode of WCW Monday Nitro. The brief appearance led to Raven attacking Kanyon after he called him a crybaby.

The legends at Stash Pages have recreated Kanyon’s festive Bah Humbug t-shirt.

TLC Ornament

Some whack job at Shop managed to pitch miniature tables, ladders, and chair ornaments to their colleagues. Proving that a lot of eggnogs had been drunk the week the TLC set was given the green light. Booze-induced idea or not, the TLC three-piece ornamental set is now available for you to hang in your Christmas tree.

Shop now and add a new tradition of bemused family members asking “why is there a little steel chair in your tree?”

WWE is also hawking ornaments of Eddie Guerrero’s Low Rider, Kane’s mask and The Miz’s microphone. Awesome.

Jim Cornette Christmas Action Figure 

Do you want a Jim Cornette action figure for Christmas? Probably not. What if we told you that said Jim Cornette action figure came complete with a festive Santa hat? Warming up to the idea.

Well, to little surprise the Jim Cornette Christmas action figure is in stock at and ready to be slammed by your favorite superstar. 

NJPW Festive Lion 

Ever wondered what the NJPW Lion logo would look like with a Santa hat and beard?

Well, wonder no more! 

The Elite In Christmas Wrestling Merch

Obviously if NJPW has shoved its logo down a chimney and pooped it out all festive The Elite would do the same. Over at you can get a festive jumper with the Elite buck logo made to look like Rudolph The Red-nose Reindeer.

There’s plenty of ‘ugly’ holiday sweatshirts available at, but none come close to the greatness of DanHausen’s Merry Cursedmas Holiday Sweatshirthausen.

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