Seth Rollins’ Appearances on RAW Are a Mix of Both Party and Pageantry

Seth Rollins

Current WWE United States Champion Seth Rollins has been living a rock star life lately. He’s a must-watch performer, so he’s partying like it’s 1999, and dressing like it’s 1979.

One of the most decorated and popular WWE performers of the past 10 years, Rollins may be better than ever right now. He’s still the same in the ring. His mix of high-octane athleticism and incredible skills make him one of the most valuable performers in RAW right now. No one can say they are better. Period. He’s also been able to morph into several different personas during his tenure with the promotion.

However, it’s his current incarnation that’s been the most entertaining version of the 36-year-old star. Already a surefire, future Hall of Famer, he may just be better than ever right now.

Seth Rollins is a Must See Part of WWE RAW, and it Showed Again This Week

The Joker of WWE opened the show and of course, the crowd sang him to the ring. His entrance music is as big a part of his act as anything else. When the fans started getting into it, and Rollins began ‘conducting the orchestra’, a babyface turn was not far behind. He’s been riding that momentum ever since.

Then, there are the outfits. Seth Rollins wears clothing that looks like he went into the wardrobe room with a leaf blower and then wore whatever came flying out.

To say Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins dresses a little loud would be an understatement. His attire is so wired that it has to be measured in decibels. Every week, it’s a lot of fun for the fans to see what kind of crazy, mix-’em-up the Superstar is going to pull out of his closet.

Rollins’ Presentation is Not Only Visually Impressive but Highly Entertaining as Well

The former multi-time World Champion literally jumps out of the screen these days. His multi-colored attire is visually impressive and would make anyone flipping through stop on the channel for a second. On top of that, he’s also the party master and his crazed laughter punctuates that.

The WWE Universe realizes that it’s all tongue-in-cheek and they support it. In fact, they happily participate.

As this eccentric genius character, Seth has forged a whole, new connection with the audience. It may be the best combination of all his traits in one. This ultra-talented performer has found a character that’s greatness matches his in-ring work. And it’s all wrapped in black suede and jaguar print.

Now? We get to reap the benefits of some great TV viewing. When Seth Rollins comes on your screen, You can’t turn the channel. All you can do is put down the remote. Then, sit back and wait to see his incredible entrance and what kind of kooky costume he’ll be in.

And… sing along.

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