Everything We Know About The Von Erich Hollywood Movie 

Zac Efron in Von Erich Movie

An upcoming Hollywood blockbuster about the Von Erich family is taking the internet by storm. Here’s everything we know about the Von Erich Hollywood movie – The Iron Claw. The Iron Claw will star Zac Efron and Lily James. It will feature an appearance from MJF playing a kayfabe Von Erich that was the cause of tension between the biological brothers and their father.

The Von Erich Movie – What We Know

Everyone Is Losing Themselves Over Zac Efron 

People have been losing all sense of reality at the on-set pictures of Zac Efron as Kevin Von Erich. Some have been bowled over by his insane body transformation. Whilst others have been left scratching their heads at Efron’s take on the classic Von Erich bowl cut. But what do the Von Erichs think?

Kevin Von Erich’s son, Marshall, took to Twitter to reveal that his dad thought a picture of Efron hitting a dropkick was an old picture of him. It’s safe to say they are happy with Efron’s upcoming portrayal in the Von Erich Hollywood movie. 

What Other Wrestlers Are In The Iron Claw?

The patriarch of the Von Erich family, Fritz, will be played by Holt McCallany. The role of his wife, Doris Adkisson, is taken by Maura Tierney. Fritz (Jack Adkisson) was the promotor for World Class Championship Wrestling and used his sons predominately in the promotion. 

Their sons David, Kerry, and Mike will be played by Harris Dickinson, Jeremy Allen White, and Stanley Simons. The actor set to play the role of Chris Von Erich has not yet been assigned. 

Bruiser Brody and Harley Race are the other two wrestlers we know will appear in the movie. They will be played by Cazzey Louis Cereghino and Kevin Anton. 

What’s The Plot Of The Von Erich Hollywood Movie?

If you don’t know the tragic tale of the Von Erich family, get ready. Hug a pillow tight. Get some comfort food close to hand. Maybe pour a stiff drink, because this family did not have it easy. Many even believe the Von Erich family to be cursed.

For the full story, watch the heartbreaking Dark Side of the Ring episode on the family, or wait for the movie. For a brief overview, continue reading.

The family received its first dose of tragedy when Fritz and Doris’s first son, Jack Jr., died of drowning and electrocution at age six. 

Death, Death, Death, And More Death 

The story you can expect to see play out on the big screen involves will then involve the death of David from enteritis (rumored to be a drug overdose) in 1984. Mike and Chris committed suicide in 1987 and 1991. Kerry suffered a motorcycle accident that forced him to have his foot amputated. Kerry made it to WWE as Texas Tornado and won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. But at just 33, he also took his own life in 1993.

There will be a gritty depiction of the wrestling industry and the role the Von Erichs played between the 1960s and the present day. We will see their famous rivalries with Harley Race and Ric Flair

But largely, this film will be about the young deaths of a family of wrestlers who should have ruled the business for decades. 

What About MJF?

Deadline reported that MJF will be in the movie playing the role of Lance Von Erich. Lance was a fictional relative of the Von Erich wrestling family played by William Kevin Vaughan.

The Lance Von Erich character only lasted a few years. The biological brothers were against the character that their father created to ease the workload on them. He initially came into the feud with the Fabulous Freebirds when Mike Von Erich was injured in 1985.

Fritz revealed the character to be a work when Vaughan demanded more money to continue going along as a kayfabe brother.

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