It’s Time to Have an Intervention Regarding the ‘WHAT?’ Chant

Wrestling What Chant

When Steve Austin first uttered the word, “WHAT?”, during a promo in 2001, he likely thought it was just a throwaway line. Just one of those off-the-cuff things that no one would remember.

If that’s what was going through his mind at the time? Boy, was he wrong.

Ever since The Texas Rattlesnake dropped pro wrestling’s most annoying question on members of The Alliance, it has been parroted by fans all over the world. Much in the same way, the audience yells ‘Whooo!’ for every knife-edged chop they see. It’s a reflexive reaction and something they can’t seem to help.

In fact, it’s become an almost crippling addiction. For some, that urge to sarcastically question every performer who dares to stop and take a breath is apparently a fixation. The WHAT chant has spread like wildfire through professional wrestling over the past 20-plus years.

Those flames burst out again as recently as this week’s episode of RAW. On multiple occasions, the crowd felt the itch to yell out “WHAT?” in the middle of any performer who paused to make a point. It was distracting. It was disrespectful. But more importantly? It’s become a crutch for the audience. It’s the monkey on their back, and they just can’t seem to shake it off.

Is it Time to Stop the WHAT Wrestling Chant?

No One Can Really be Sure Exactly Why This Word Has Become so Important to so Many

Much like Instagram no one understands its appeal. Yet somehow, it just keeps hanging around.

It’s almost as if the people in attendance just have to yell it out or they’ll have withdrawals. They start shaking and scratching a lot. When they finally get to yell out “WHAT?”, it’s like they’ve gotten their fix. At least for the time being. Then, like a stray dog begging for food, they just have to back for more.

Until now. Is time for the people who have broken away from the shackles of this dialogue to reach out to others. It is out duty to give them hope. I know, because I have endured it. That phrase was once a huge part of my life, too. It alienated me from my friends and disturbed those around me.

This is a true story, and it’s very hard for me to tell. In a moment of weakness, I once used the “WHAT?” phrase for an entire weekend around my wife. The end result? She made me sleep out in the garage for a week. So, as you can see… the struggle is real.

It is Time We All Do Something About It

That’s right. The wrestling world has to come up with some type of 12-step program to rescue us from the ‘WHAT’ chant. And if that doesn’t work? Then, we may have to just move on to shock therapy. It may seem extreme, but based on observations, it has to remain reserved as an option.

We’ve hit rock bottom at this point. This affliction of addiction has taken over, and if we don’t stop it now it might be too late. Whatever it takes to rescue talking segments from this boorish barrage has to be seriously explored.

Hopefully, many of those out there who are suffering will come to grips with reality and finally put this cantankerous cry behind them. It will be a hard process, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

And you know WHAT they say; you can only take it all, one day at a time.

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