Opinion: Al Snow should be ‘Head’-ed to the WWE Hall of Fame

Al Snow

What does everybody want? Al Snow in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Well, maybe not everybody. But it’s doubtful that any true fan out there would deny the former European and Hardcore Champion his rightful spot for all of eternity. The venerable veteran was always an outstanding grappler. Now, he’s also responsible for launching the careers of some of today’s biggest stars. Snow is walking proof that there still are some people who choose to give back to the industry, and he does so on a daily basis.

Snow, now 59, might be in the best shape of his life and seems to have discovered the fountain of youth these days. As a part-owner of Ohio Valley Wrestling, he’s still working with young hopefuls who wish to follow in his footsteps to the big time. Considering the company’s history when it was a developmental territory for WWE, it’s now become a fully-accredited trade school. It’s actually recognized by the State of Kentucky as such. In essence, it’s a Pro Wrestling University, and Professor Snow is there to conduct classes and conduct lectures.

Al Snow Should be in the WWE Hall of Fame

Al Snow’s reach across the spectrum of the industry is as broad as anyone’s today.

Snow has worked for nearly every major wrestling promotion in North America and he’s traveled the world. His extensive experience, along with the connections he’s made in his 40 years in wrestling, makes him one of the ‘go-to guys’ in terms of career guidance.

Outside of the ring, Snow is a very astute businessman. In many ways, he’s expanded his own, personal brand. Along with OVW and his various wrestling academies around the world, he also partnered up with CollarxElbow brand apparel. Today, it’s one of the most preferred brands in the sports entertainment genre. Not just for the fans, but the performers themselves. In many ways, it’s become the ‘Under Armour of Professional Wrestling’. Anyone involved in the industry immediately notices its distinctive logo and designs.

Snow has even acted in movies and on television shows. He’s also a favorite interview subject of websites and podcasts. That’s mainly because of his quick wit and sense of humor. When he isn’t articulating a point about the art of wrestling, he’s telling a joke or pulling a rib. His ability to ease the tension with an easy-going, mild-mannered approach is typically well received by his student.

If it sounds like Snow is a bit of a Renaissance Man, that’s because in terms of the sports entertainment genre today? He is.

He’s now extended his resume to reach far beyond suplexes and slams. Able to hold court on a variety of topics – from sports to entertainment to pop culture in general – he often uses subjects outside the sport to make analogies with the mat game. It’s Al Snow’s way of simplifying what he’s teaching. By equating it to something his pupils can relate to, it makes things easier for them. In many ways, his method of training is more psychological than it is physical. But it certainly prepares his youngsters for the next step in their careers and their lives.

And although it may sometimes be an overused term by some, when it comes to the “business of the business”, there aren’t very many guys sharper than Al Snow. He understands the complexities of the industry because he’s been on all sides of it now. Snow went from being in front of the camera, to behind the scenes to being the owner of one of the largest independent promotions in the country. He checks off all those boxes. Been there; done that.

All those crowning achievements should put Al Snow on the list for consideration for the WWE Hall of Fame.

He and Head were such an entertaining act during The Attitude Era. His hilarious exchanges with the likes of Steve Blackman and Mick Foley are the stuff of legend. He’s excelled at basically everything he’s done, and he’s been a willing and loyal soldier through four decades in professional wrestling. The man’s list of accolades, along with the overall respect he has garnered from his peers, should make him a favorite to be enshrined. He’s definitely earned it.

With all he’s done in his illustrious career, if you STILL don’t think Al Snow is a surefire Hall of Famer?
Then, man… you better have your Head checked.