Jonathan Gresham Requests Release Per Fightful Select Report

Jonathan Gresham
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Following the loss of the Ring of Honor World Championship, Fightful Select is reporting that Jonathan Gresham has asked for his release from AEW/ROH, effective immediately. It was evident at last night’s Death Before Dishonor, that something was wrong. Gresham, who had spent the last 224 days as Ring of Honor World Champion, entered for his title defense without much of the same fanfare. Gone was the mask and cape as Gresham came out not as his character but as himself. That alone wouldn’t have raised any eyebrows but it was reported that he looked upset as he made his entrance. The consummate pro that he is though, Gresham wrestled his match the way he had any other before it. But when the match ended, unbeknownst to anyone at the time, so too did Gresham’s interest in being part of Tony Khan’s new ROH. It was reported that Gresham left immediately after his match ended with those close to him reporting his intent to be done with pro wrestling for the foreseeable future.

Jonathan Gresham Asks for Release Per Fightful Select Report

Gresham, who had noted earlier this week that he hadn’t had much contact with Tony Khan prior to signing up to wrestle for his promotion, reportedly finally got his meeting with the boss prior to the show. Fightful Select notes that Gresham reportedly expressed his frustration with the lack of communication and the disrespect he felt as a result of “cussing out” Khan. While the results of the meeting are unclear, Gresham’s appearance as he came out for his match, and subsequent social media status (he has deleted all of his accounts including one for Terminus) certainly suggests it did not go as planned. Gresham seemed to have been unhappy about many things with the reported tipping point being the lack of time that was given to the world title match. At this point, it is unknown if Gresham’s release will be granted or if he will ever return to wrestling.

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