Notes from Tony Khan’s ROH Death Before Dishonor Media Call

ROH Death Before Dishonor Media Call

HDeath Before Dishonor will take place live this Saturday night from Lowell Massachusetts. Last Word on Pro Wrestling took place in a media call hosted by Tony Khan where he answered questions about Death Before Dishonor and ROH in general. Here are all the notes from Tony Khan’s Death Before Dishonor media call.

Notes from Tony Khan’s ROH Death Before Dishonor Media Call

ROH and AEW Crossover Roster

Jayshell Nicole asked about the ROH roster and the AEW crossover and the ideal size for the rosters. Tony thinks it will be a sliding scale and references AEW roster growth and utilizing Dark and Dark Elevation to help younger wrestlers break through. Also cites AEW Rampage and how they had to build and strengthen the roster when that came around. ROH TV isn’t up and running yet but it is important to him and wants to make sure the distribution deal is right for everyone.

Tony has certain key stars for ROH in the near and long-term future as well as developmental wrestlers and key stars from ROH history. Most of what you see with ROH takes place on bigger events such as Death Before Dishonor but also being involved with AEW and companies they work with such as New Japan Pro Wrestling.

ROH Storylines Bult on AEW

Brandon Thirston asks about ROH storylines being built on AEW TV and updates on a weekly ROH TV show. Tony has been in talks with Warner Bros / Discovery and worked with them to get it on BR Live. This is the first time ROH has worked with Warner and Warner is really excited and has seen good pre-order numbers. It is looking to be one of the stronger ROH shows in the company’s history buy rate-wise.

Long Term ROH Vision

Kenny Macintosh asks what is the long term vision for ROH and the interaction with AEW? Tony thinks there will be great interaction and both companies could benefit from working together. Would like the primary ROH focus to be on ROH shows but would like to see a crossover with AEW stars including competing for ROH Championships. Thinks right now ROH has some of the strongest champions in the company’s history. Thinks AEW TV could be part of the promotion and to some extent populating ROH.

Length of Pay-Per-Views

Chris Muller asked if Death Before Dishonor will have a similar structure of 4 pre-show and 8 main card matches that we say with Supercard of Honor? Tony said that more matches will be added before the show and will have more information on Rampage tomorrow and will confirm on social media. Length will be the same as Death Before Dishonor for Zero Hour and the main card

How Will ROH feel Different and Transition Shows

Mike Johnson commented about the last show being inherited by Tony. Tony did not feel it was inherited The last ROH show was a show TK had inherited, TK doesn’t feel he inherited it. It was underway when he came on board but choose to go with it and he put together most of the card. Tony cited FTR and The Briscoes would not have happened without him putting FTR into the card.

Tony felt that Supercard had an ECW One Night Stand feel and that he wants ROH to feel different. Supercard was a transition show and now that the sale is closed Death Before Dishonor won’t have that transition feeling. He wants to echo classic ROH with the commentators and wrestlers and tries to keep things consistent. The Pure Rules scoreboard will retrun for the Wheeler Yuta and Daniel Garcia match. Tony feels they are making new fans through AEW TV and feels people now have an idea of what to expect going forward

ROH Going on Tour

Kevin Mitche wants to know what ROH touring would feel like? Could we see a tour or a sound stage approach? Tony suspects there are a lot of great venues to tap into. He mentioned Universal has been great for Dark but is not sold on that for ROH and could see it going either way. He noted the are running bigger venues for the pay-per-views and would like to keep that going. Mentions SCOH and DBD had great gates. Thinks there is a lot of renewed interest in ROH to run bigger venues for pay-per-view and bigger TV events.

Cross Promotion Champions

Ricardo San Villas asked if we could see hybrid championships between ROH and AEW? Tony wants to keep them seperate but is okay with champions appearing on other shows including outside of AEW. He is also okay with other champions coming into AEW to defend a title.

ROH Ranking System

Ella Jay asked about a ranking system similar to that of AEW? Tony does not think they will go that way but isn’t for sure.  Thinks it has merit and keeps a clear picture of the landscape of contenders but also thinks there could be a benefit to having different systems for the different companies.

Wrestlers Sigend to ROH

Sean Ross Sapp asked if there are any talents that are signed that we have not seen yet in AEW? Tony mentioned The Briscoes are under a long term ROH deal as well as some devolpmental talents but the Briscoes are the biggest names signed that we haven’t seen in AEW.

New ROH Belts?

Trevor Robb asked about redesigned ROH belts? Tony is open to new designs and new championship belts but things are just getting started. Was still going through finalization during Supercard of Honor but now that things are finalized this could be something to look at.

Balancing AEW and ROH

Mike McGuire asked how Tony feels about balancing AEW and ROH. Tony feels great about it and is enjoying working with both brands. Mentions that AEW has been hit with some injuries but now people like Claudio Castagnoli can step in with ROH being back in play. Also mentions Jonathan Gresham being key in ROH history and calls them both ROH legends. He is looking forward to Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman calling the main event this weekend and that it is a great example of fluidity between AEW and ROH.

Promotion of Death Before Dishonor

Sean Radican asked about promoting the show and capturing the feel of ROH. Tony feels the video packages have a different feel than AEW including using different talent to host like Caprice and Ian. Mentions they have both been on AEW TV a lot and that has helped build an audience and show ROH has a different feel and vision. Tony is optimistic about the show this weekend and hopes it shows the feel for ROH and has different pacing and structure from AEW.

ROH Tradition

Stephanie Francone asked about ROH tradition and noted how it shaped the careers of people like Samoa Joe and CM Punk. Tony wants to keep the traditions of ROH going and acknowledge the great history of ROH.

He also noted that he is willing to help out as long as it doesn’t hurt AEW and mentioned the help he gave with AEW wrestlers for Final Battle with video packages from Adam Cole, Punk, and Danielson. Final Battle was disrupted by COVID and he was happy to send Jay Lethal to work at Final Battle.

Should We Keep an Eye on Comic Con?

Wrestlezone asked if we will have any announcements at San Diego Comic-Con? Tony says hopefully they have some good news for Comic Con this weekend but is not for sure if it will go through.  Doesn’t think ROH will announce anything at Comic Con but AEW will have a presence and is optimistic we could have an AEW announcement at ComicCon.

ROH and NJPW Collaboration

Max Keida asked about a collaboration between ROH and NJPW given their history together. Tony thinks it is possible and thinks all three companies working together is possible. Did see it a bit with the winner take all tag match at Forbidden Door.

Main Differences Between ROH and AEW

Sebastian Diaz -asked about the main differences between AEW and ROH. Tony acknowledged they are very different promotions, ROH has been along a lot longer and has more established history. ROH has different rules such as the code of honor and has a different presentation. Some great stars in both companies such as Punk and Danielson. AEW has risen further and faster than any wrestling company in recent history. Cites pay-per-view numbers and other metrics that show AEW’s fast rise. Mentions ROH had risen to great heights and was not a high period when they were purchased. They have their own fanbases but want to make people fans of both promotions.

Willow Nightingale

Jon Alva asked about Willow Nightingale and her status? Tony thinks she is a great wrestler and thinks she is a great face for any women’s division. Thinks she has improved a lot and appreciates how hard she works and the sky is the limit for her. Thinks she is a great young star for both AEW and ROH.

Punk and Cabana

Nick Hausman mentioned the recent Fightful report that Colt Cabana will be on the ROH roster? He also asked for a comment on the dynamic between Cabana and Punk? Tony mentions that Colt is part of what they are doing in ROH and noted his involvement in Supercard of Honor. Plans for him be involved in the show this weekend. Won’t comment on the dynamic between Punk and Cabana.

Booking for Two Companies

Lucha Libre Online asked how is it booking two different companies and the decision process for ROH talent on AEW TV? Tony enjoys booking both companies and thinks it has been great having wrestlers involved in both promotions and mentions Samoa Joe specifically. Tony mentions he has followed and been a fan of ROH for a long time. It is different to pay tribute to the company-specific history versus general wrestling history as AEW does. Thinks there is a great balance between the two and mentions the differences between adding a second AEW show (Rampage) and a different promotion.

Tony Khan’s ROH Death Before Dishonor media call In Closing

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