Preview: WWE Raw 06/13/22 – Judgement Day Leadership Change Fallout

Raw Judgement Day
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The march towards Money In The Bank continues as Monday Night Raw tonight emanates from the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas. The first time WWE arrived at this venue was in March 5, 2010, for Smackdown. On October 4, 2010, they returned just one day after the Hell In A Cell event, where John Cena lost to Wade Barrett and was forced to join The Nexus. He would dominate a Battle Royal that night before eliminating himself per Wade Barretts orders, securing Barrett an opportunity against Randy Orton at Bragging Rights for the WWE Championship. But as for tonight, let’s see what WWE has in store for us. Hell In A Cell has already passed and Money In The Bank looms. Participants have already qualified and two title matches have been announced. We will also see the shakeup from the change in leadership for Judgement Day this week on Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: Judgement Day Leadership Fallout

Sharp Turn For Judgement Day Plays Out on Raw

Last week saw the extremely weird decision of Finn Balor becoming the latest member of The Judgment Day. After months of being tormented by the various members of the group, dating as far back as before Edge even began feuding with AJ Styles in March if one truly recalls, Finn Balor opted to stand by their side.

However, the truly odd move came later when it was revealed that the entire group had opted to kick leader and founder Edge out. The very name of the group comes from a poster featuring Edge on the 2009 Judgment Day pay-per-view event. As reports surfaced, it seemed Edge was no fan of the ideas regarding the group. Specifically, the intent to create yet another ‘supernatural’ act. As we’ve seen in the past with Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss, and even NXT’s Joe Gacy. All in a vain attempt to recreate a modern take on The Undertaker. Which would explain the beginnings of the group as Edge and Damian Priest did in fact display such characteristics in the weeks surrounding Wrestlemania before it all seemed to just change back to Edge cutting heel promos insulting local sports teams and calling fans ugly, hearkening back to his 2006- 2009 heyday.

With Finn Balor now at the helm and Edge removed, is WWE going to go full-throttle in that direction? Or will it be something else? Will we find out the new direction for Judgement Day on Raw?

Only One Spot Taken For Money In The Bank

With only one spot taken officially, Lacey Evans on the women’s side, we have to imagine that tonight we will see several qualifying matches for the two Money In The Bank Ladder matches. Smackdown attempted to fill one spot for the men as Sheamus and Drew McIntyre battled for the spot. However, it ended in a No Contest.

We still have many a name left open that can take a spot for the match. With three weeks to go until the big event.

An Explanation, Hopefully

Last week’s Raw opened with Cody Rhodes, fresh off his third victory over Seth Rollins despite his torn pectoral muscle, announcing that he had to step away for surgery. Seth Rollins, yet again, seemed to call for an end of animosities with his rival when he marched down and shook Cody’s hand, claiming he respected him. Just as it happened the Raw after their first encounter at Wrestlemania. But alas, Seth yet again, proved his ego was too much to handle a peaceful resolve. He attacked the injured Cody Rhodes on his way out.

Tonight on Raw the so-called Architect, looks to explain his actions. Which will without a doubt will involve talks about “a grand plan” or something of the sort, and a goofy cackle or two. However, given Cody Rhodes’ intent to actually try and climb to reach for the Money In The Bank briefcase, it’s likely that Seth Rollins will have his eyes on the same prize that helped him secure his first WWE Championship run in 2015.

Will Riddle Stop By?

On Smackdown, the former Raw Tag Team Champion Riddle was able to defeat Sami Zayn and secure his first-ever opportunity at a top prize in the WWE, the Unified Universal WWE Championship. The match will take place this coming Friday on Smackdown. On a week’s notice, we have to imagine WWE will try something to heat up the match tonight and drive some interest to Smackdown. The question is what would it be. Would Roman Reigns, now a full-fledged part-time, appear?

How will WWE set the stage for his very first defense of the Unified title after accomplishing the feat on Night 2 of Wrestlemania?

All that and more tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw.

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