Cosmic Angels Add COLOR’s Unit To Group

Cosmic Angels members pose with COLOR's after match

On Stardom’s June 5 Korakuen Hall show the Cosmic Angels team of Tam Nakano, Unagi Sayaka, and Mina Shirakawa battled it out with members of COLOR’s Girls Pro Wrestling Unit (COLOR’s) in the main event. The stipulation of the match stated that the losing unit would have to join the winning unit as trainees of the group. Following the Cosmic Angels’ win, their leader Tam Nakano offered to work alongside COLOR’s rather than treat them as lesser members.

COLOR’s Girls Pro Wrestling Unit Joins Cosmic Angels

This result means that Cosmic Angels now boasts eight members as SAKI, Hikari Shimizu, Rina Amikura, and Yuko Sakurai join the already established four members. The COLOR’s unit run their own shows and wrestle for a number of promotions so it is unlikely we see them join  Stardom full time. Their presence will definitely aid the Cosmic Angels and add some depth to the group.

This partnership makes a lot of sense as the COLOR’s crew came from Actwres girl’Z, the promotion that trained Tam, meaning every member has some kind of idol background, much like the Cosmic Angels. For those who are unfamiliar with the four wrestlers of COLOR’s SAKI is their de facto leader and COLOR’s Champion, Hikari Shimizu teams with SAKI as part of galaxyPunch! not to mention she throws a mean kick, Rina Amikura and Yuko Sakurai are the pin-eaters of the group who are still growing and gaining experience.

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