#AndNEW: Bron Breakker Wins NXT Championship on Raw After WrestleMania

Bron Breakker Wins Second NXT Championship

At April 2’s NXT: Stand and Deliver event, Dolph Ziggler retained the NXT Championship against challenger, and former champion, Bron Breakker. On April 4’s post WrestleMania 38 installment of Monday Night Raw, “The Showoff”’ luck ran out. Bron Breakker reclaimed the NXT title before the American Airlines Center crowd in Dallas, Texas.

Bron Breakker Wins Second NXT Championship

What to Know Following Title Change on Raw

Since NXT 2.0’s first installment in September 2021, a spotlight has shone plainly on Breakker. He quickly entered into a tenuous alliance and then feud with then NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa. After unsuccessfully challenging Ciampa for the NXT Championship at Halloween Havoc, Breakker captured the title at January 2022’s New Year’s Evil. However, he lost the NXT title when Ziggler pinned Ciampa in a triple threat.

The feud between the two has pitted the hungry, ambitious Breakker against the 15x champion Ziggler, who stormed NXT with a mission to augment his lengthy list of accomplishments in WWE with the one belt he had not yet held.

The Match at Hand

On April 4’s Raw, the animosity between the two erupted before the bell rang, as Ziggler soundly smacked Breakker seconds before the match commenced. Breakker responded by coming out on the offensive, driving Ziggler into the corner and, with the champ in his control, delivered a belly to belly throw. Ziggler turned the tables with his considerable swiftness and grappling skill, managing to get control of Breakker and set up an elbow drop, earning his first cover on the challenger. Breakker escaped, but Ziggler was still the dominant party, delivering a knee strike to Breakker. When Ziggler launched a flying maneuver, Breakker called on his prodigious strength and managed to plant Ziggler on the canvas in a harsh slam.

Breakker launched Ziggler into the post, and hoisted him onto it perhaps with the intent to rain a series of blows upon him. Ziggler, characteristically wily, evaded Breakker and landed a dropkick upon the challenger. Breakker tumbled outside the apron. Ziggler was back in effect. Once Breakker made it back into the ring, he ate a kick from, and was covered by, Ziggler.

Breakker once again stayed alive, however, and turned the tables on Ziggler. When the champion attempted a Fameasser, Breakker caught him in a powerbomb. Breakker rallied momentum, and delivered a series of shoulder tackles and a belly to belly to Ziggler .He was setting up a spear when Ziggler’s tag team partner Robert Roode attempted to cause a distraction, allowing Ziggler to get a shoulders down cover on Breakker. Breakker once again escaped, and  dealt with Roode, launching himself over the ropes into an airborne attack on Roode.

Ziggler’s and Breakker’s faceoff continued to pit their respectively distinctive styles against each other. Ziggler’s speed, agility, and experience fell to Breakker’s raw power. Victory belonged to the challenger, and Breakker reclaimed the NXT title, and the trajectory that has been set for him since the dawn of NXT 2.0.

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