#AndNEW: Jax Dane Wins NWA National Heavyweight Championship at Crockett Cup Event

Jax Dane NWA National Heavyweight Champion
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In one of the featured title matches during Night 2 of the Crockett Cup 2022 event, Jax Dane challenged Anthony Mayweather for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. Mayweather captured the title from Chris Adonis at the recent PowerrrTrip event. This title defense against Dane marked Mayweather’s very first and it was a night that took viewers by surprise. Though Mayweather sustained considerable damage, especially to his knee, he was able to catch Dane with a cross armbreaker for the submission victory. However, the night wasn’t over for the National Heavyweight title, as a smile formed on Dane’s face.

As Mayweather was helped to the back, Dane rushed after, attacking him in the crowd. Dane proceeded to attack event staff before setting his sights on the champion. Bringing Mayweather back to the ring, Dane targeted his knee with a steel turnbuckle before instructing the referee to bring over Kyle Davis. From there, Davis declared that Dane was cashing in his title opportunity that he earned in last year’s Champions Series. “The Dane event” took advantage of the wounded champion as the bell rang once again. One pinfall later, Jax Dane stood tall as the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion.

Jax Dane Captures NWA National Heavyweight Title

What to Know Regarding Title Change at Crockett Cup Event

This marks the first time that Jax Dane has held gold in the National Wrestling Alliance since October of 2016. For those that don’t know, Dane is a former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, having held the title in question for 416 days. Dane’s world title reign started when he bested New Japan Pro-Wrestling legend Hiroyoshi Tenzan in August of 2015. Dane is also a former National Heavyweight Champion, his latest reign with the title being his second, North American Heavyweight Champion, and former NWA World Tag Team Champion alongside Rob Conway.

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