Preview: Sacrifice For Glory Wrestling – SGW Behind Enemy Lines (3/19/22)

Sacrifice for Glory Wrestling SGW Behind Enemy Lines

On Saturday, March 19th 2022, Sacrifice For Glory Wrestling holds its first-ever event in Bridgeport, Connecticut – SGW Behind Enemy Lines. A number of big names and local favorites will be in action as a tournament to crown SGW Tag Team Champions, a match to determine the first-ever Women’s Champion, and qualifying matches for a world title match all take place. It’s going to be an action-packed night, for sure!

SGW Behind Enemy Lines – Full Card

Da House of Payne vs Perfectly Sexy

First Round Tag Team Title Tournament Match: Da House Of Payne (Nick Payne & Hakim Ali) vs Perfectly Sexy

Even though not all of the tag teams have been revealed for this tournament yet, Da House Of Payne still has to be an odds on favorite to win it all. Perfectly Sexy has made their way through CT (and Bridgeport) with BST Wrestling, so they could also be considered the local favorites. This will be an exciting first-round match as in many ways. Much like the other first-round matches, it could be closer to the semi-finals. Smart money is on Da House Of Payne advancing here and going on to win the entire tournament.

The Uptown Boys vs Pyramids of Power

First Round Tag Team Title Tournament Match: The Uptown Boys (Jarrett Diaz & Matt Awesome) vs Pyramids Of Power

The Uptown Boys have been around in CT and New York while the Pyramids Of Power have made their presence felt in Massachusetts with promotions such as Shut Up And Wrestle. This tag team tournament is not only bringing about some of the best but highlighting some of the best within the area that perhaps outsiders are not as familiar with. This will be a tough test for both of these teams and the winner will come down to simply who wants it more.

Buff Inc The Stepdads SGW Behind Enemy Lines

First Round Tag Team Title Tournament Match: Buff Inc vs The Stepdads

Buff Inc are a solid tag team who have made their way through the scene here, but The Stepdads are perhaps the fan favorites to win this entire tournament; their experience seems to be lining them up for gold everywhere they go this year. This is going to be afun match with it possibly being an upset if Buff Inc wins, though that is not to take anything away from them as they are quite talented.

Abby Jane vs Evie De La Rosa vs Alisinn Jade

SGW Women’s Championship: Abby Jane vs Evie De La Rosa vs Alisinn Jade

This match was originally to have Karen Bam Bam in it, who is no stranger to gold, and it felt as if she was also the clear choice to win the title here. Bam Bam also has a history with Evie De La Rosa, who has been a thorn in the side of TOS for some time now and that could have helped settle some of that here. Alisinn Jade is an interesting name to see in this match because she has been wrestling for quite some time but also doesn’t seem to have any big matches since before 2020. Perhaps this is the comeback tour of Jade.

The wildcard for this match, and now overall favorite to win, has to be Abby Jane. While Jane was originally announced for the show but without a match, it made sense to put her in here, as she might very well have the best chance of anyone in this match of winning it all. Coming in days before the show also puts Jane at an advantage as both of her opponents were likely not as prepared as she will be. This should be a high-intensity match at SGW Behind Enemy Lines, with the winner coming out as the first-ever SGW Women’s Champion.

Stevie Legend Anthony Gamble SGW Behind Enemy Lines

Stevie Legend vs Anthony Gamble (Winner Advances To 8-Pack Challenge for the Sacrifice for Glory World Championship)

When it comes to scouting talent and putting the best possible names into a tournament to determine the SGW World Champion, the names thus far have all been on par with wrestlers who could hold that championship and carry the promotion. Stevie Legend might be young, but he has experience in wrestling promotions throughout the area and this might just be the opportunity he needs to skyrocket his career. At the same time, Anthony Gamble is also on the verge of having that breakout moment which could involve him being at the front of an entire promotion. This is going to be a battle in which both of these competitors are going to have to leave it all out in the ring, win or lose, and the aftermath will be their legacy.

Mark Alexander Adrian Vine SGW Behind Enemy Lines

Mark Alexander vs Adrian Vine (Winner Advances To 8-Pack Challenge for the Sacrifice for Glory World Championship)

Mark Alexander is a wrestler coming up through the TOS system and has very much been involved in that CT and surrounding area scene. The same can be said about Adrian Vine except that he’s been doing this longer. Vine also seemed like a name ready to break out prior to the pandemic, so this tournament might be the perfect time to do that. Either way, with the first four names confirmed and two of them going onto the title match, whoever wins will be a respectable champion.

“The Miasma” Zakk Ramses and Ransom are also scheduled to appear along with what will likely be a number of other surprises. For tickets and more information please visit Eventbrite.

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