IWTV The Masked Wrestler Season 2 Episode 5 Review/Recap

Masked Wrestler Season 2 Episode 5

The Masked Wrestler on IWTV rolled on this week, as the reality-based show moved onto the second round and premiered Episode 5 on Wednesday night just an hour before AEW Dynamite went on the air. If you’re not familiar with the concept of the show, it’s based on Fox’s mega-successful show, The Masked Singer, where real-life celebrities dress up as colorful characters and try to mask their identity all while singing hit songs. On The Masked Wrestler, various independent wrestlers will dress up and compete in matches under their masks. If they happen to lose the match, they are forced to reveal their identity to the judges and the audience.

The judging panel of WARHORSEEdith Surreal, and Matt Tremont were back this week — along with host Larry Legend.

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IWTV The Masked Wrestler Match Five

Prince Nemo vs. El Gato Blanco

Since we are in the second round, there were no new clues given about the competitors. In his pre-match promo, Blanco made a bunch of fish references since he is a cat.

The in-ring product had much more ‘production’ this time around. When Nemo threw punches, animated water came out along with the sound of waves crashing. When Blanco was involved in fist-to-fist combat, cat-like noises emerged (that were added in post-production). If you like this type of thing in wrestling, it was largely entertaining and definitely fit the vibe of the show.

El Gato Blanco scored the win in about seven minutes after executing a pinfall with his hands on the ropes for leverage. Nemo was in shock after the match as the referee didn’t see El Gato Blanco using the cheating maneuver.

As per the rules, the competitor on the losing end must unmask after the judges make their picks. Matt Tremont’s guess was Chris Bradley, Edith Surreal’s guess was Big Callux, and WARHORSE’s guess was Bryan Keith.

Prince Nemo was… Mysterious Q

Prince Nemo was revealed to be Mysterious Q! Q comes from the Texas area and primarily wrestles for New Texas Pro Wrestling.

None of the judges guessed correctly, so they all stayed tied at one point each

IWTV The Masked Wrestler Season 2 Episode 5 Review

We are now in the semi-finals of The Masked Wrestler! Episode 5 of The Masked Wrestler was underwhelming in terms of in-ring work, but the judges’ dialogue while making guesses, especially WARHORSE’s, was entertaining.

The other semi-final will take place next week.

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